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MUST BE THE WEATHER ????????????

I am really suffereing at the min with all my joints and my hips are especially bad at the min so it must be the damp weather playing them up ???????

are you all the same ??????

i walked my doggy to the top of the road and round the block this mornibg at 5.43 and we came face to face with a huge boxer cross doggy he looked like a bull mastiff crossed with a boxer i thought omg i am gonna be in trouble here as no owner to be seen and he looked a handful but he had a collar on i just walked past him he never done a thing then i got round the corner and walked a bit briskly and then reached mine so bless him i dont know where he came from

i thought i was gonna have to do a sprint with my doggy in my arms that would have killed me lol

love to you diddle xxx

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He was probably a total softy - boxers usually are so soppy.

Julie xx


Hi Diddle

As Julie says he probably was a softie. I am a big dog lover & have never came across a grummpy boxer yet.

I think it unusual to be out on its own. I hope it has'nt escaped unknown to its owners.

My brother who is paralysed from neck down has/had a white Westie calked Fergie. At my brothers he has a really big front driveway & is secure enough for Fergie not to escape unless someone leaves the gates unlocked.

I think sometimes animals can be smarter than they are given credit. As my brother needs hp along with carers, if you were finished at my bros you just have to open the door, call Fefgie & tell him its time go come in & mind Daddy n god luv him he just turns round & potters into the house. Its as if he knows his Dad needs looked after & he does'nt ignore being called in, he is so cute & good.

However, he is now gone along with my Brothers wife & kids. It wrecks me because I know the dog will miss his home & my brother as much as my brother will miss him.

Out of sheer nosiness I drove past where my sis n law has moved to & from what I could sed the place is not secure enough to let the dog out wifhout escaping. So sad all round.

Luv & Hugs to you & you wee dog



hi,its a well known fact that the air pressure afects fibro sufferers.x


oh really i havent heard of that before but thankyou for the information i will look into it love diddle xxxx


hi,no worrys,it made me smile at the coments,you asked about the weather affecting joints..and every one comented on the dog,not your poor joints! lol...i had a large racing greyhound and when the weather was bad people used to say..ooh poor thing to be out in this! and they wernt refering to me! lol such as life...i want to ask you as your name comes up a lot so you might know..i had a atos medical and it was all fabricationso when i had my tribunal,it was ajourned and was told to seek legal advise..[not telling me what the problem was],i wrote a letter of complaint about docs report,stating every point that was not true, and sent it to dla address,[as advised to by dwp office].they said they would look into it and i should just wait now till im question ..after all that waffle is..can the dwp make another decission and award me,without it going to tribunal again? thanks xxxx


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