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My new boyfriend also has Fibromyalgia

Well, First of all Thanks a lot for all your words that I read nearly everyday, love reading your blogs and makes my day brighter. I never commented or wirte before as I am always feeling so crap that I keep postponing for the next day, and then never happen...well, today I still not feeling well, body hurts and nausea and tired but at least I manage to log in and decide to post this words. I would like to share about my new boyfriend who also has Fibro.I was married for 10 years and had a busy life as a magician's assistant.It was devastating for me to discover that I have Fibromyalgia, since my life changed so much.He left me saying: " your life ended, but not mine"! It hurts to hear that, and sometimes I have nightmares and the eco of these words in my mind... but the great thing about this, is the fact that I met this person who also got Fibro and he makes my life beautiful! We communicate as we can as we both feel very tired (normal!) but the encouragment that we give each other is life essential!!!! He thinks I am beautiful and doesn't care if I have headaches, exhausted or in pain or look crap, he feels the exactly the same way!!! I hope you enjoy my story, we are planning to meet for the first time, OMG! Have butterflies on my stomach...Is it possible for 2 people with Fibromyalgia be together ???? I am so positive about all, we are so honest to each other and we don't hide anything, and the feeling we have towards each other is to care even more... His wife also left him for the same reason and we are finding in each other comfort and Love... Hope I have brighten someone's day... Warm hug to all... Let's hope I have energy to keep posting and let you know how we are doing... God Bless. Ariadne

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Hi, and welcome to the site! We are a lovely but slightly bonkers fibro family and im so pleased you posted today> I think its wonderful that you have found someone who also has fibro....who better to understand how you are can both go through this together and i wish you both all the luck in the world. Between you both things will or wont get done if youre having a bad day and you wont feel guilty id you have to cancel plans as he will understand. I think you are both very lucky to have found each other.

Love Charlii xx


Hi ariadne,

What a lovely story - I hope so much that you find happiness together.

One thing to remember, is that fibro might be worse for men - you know the whole 'man-flu' thing? Don't know if it applies to fibro as well, but it would be interesting to find out!

Do keep us informed! (wicked grin)

Very best wishes ...Moffy xxx


Hi, it is so good to know you now have someone true and thoughtful and although it is awful for anyone to have fibro, him having it as well means he understands totally so i wish you all the luck in the world honey and i hope your first meeting goes well. Take care enjoy and stay safe xx


Thanks all for comments...Yes, I feel fortunate to have a friend like him, but for sure is a challenge...I am optimistic but some days I am so ill that every dream of mine disapears... Meeting him is another challenge, we are planning, we don't know when yet, neither of us have the energy, we just have the enthusiasm...I was thinking the other day, just in case we never meet and keep the friendship as it is, how would that be?Well, better not think too much, life with Fibro is a everyday challenge in all aspects not just relationships...Have a great day everybody, thanks for support. Ariadne


I met my husband because we both have ME; he came to see me as we couldn't have a conventional courtship. I moved in with him only two weeks after finally meeting him and we married in a very small ceremony four years later. We're together all the time which isn't easy but we wouldn't be without the support we give to one another. We understand each other because we are both ill. We complement each other too as we each have our strengths and weaknesses. I would say "go for it!" Good luck.



Thanks Karen , you made me cry... somedays I think is all too crazy and I am just dreaming of the impossible...other days my mood changes and I think that maybe it is possible!!!!...OMG! I wish was easier for us to meet and be together, but is not, we are both lacking in all, energy, finances and we both got children. I have 2 boys and he has another 2 who lives with their mum...Maybe one day...We both trying hard to see a way we can get together and it doesn't seem yet is the time...Really appreciate your support and comforting words, I will keep calm and waiting upon a solution...Just wish all would be easier for disabled couples to be together...Please tell me more about you 2, I really loved to hear from you... Just amazing to meet someone who did what I am not going through now... I cannot imagine you 2 deciding to be together just in 2 weeks?! I have being talking to Keith now for 5 months!We do cam whenever is possible. The problem was and still is , "the typing" as I feel a lot of pain on my hands and when I abuse by being online more than I should I get this horrid sharp pain on my shoulder and neck and feel like I should be in hospital... Maybe when we manage being together I will have less interest in being online, maybe but I hardly get out of the house, sometimes feel like I am in prison, but it takes just one day out to wish to be home again... Miss social life, friends and all but I wonder how fibro people do, I have no mood or energy for meeting people anymore, oh! it's hard. I believe that having Keith as a partner would calm me down a bit, as it is much easier to have to spend energy with only one person and this person should be the one you can count on it... more or less like this, I am just trying to put into words things that I myself don't know really...

Thanks again...Please keep me updated about you and your hubby... Ariadne


I'm delighted for you Ariadne! but be careful, choose somewhere public to meet, just in case.




Good luck, hope it works out for you.. :)


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