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Hi All, I wont be on for a while as i have friends and their children coming today!!! Yeah im so excited!!! I havent seen them for over a year as we dont live close by. I only have a 2bed house so i dont no where everyone will sleep but hey we will manage. I really cant wait until they arrive later on.

I got my blood tests back through the week and my b12 is low so i have to take vitamins and change my diet slightly, go back 6-8 weeks to get another test done and if it is still low then i might need an injection every 3 months!!!!! Not looking forward to that. I am also going back to work on tuesday after being off for 4 months, which i am looking forward too but dreading at the same time. I am just scared that i wont be able to manage and end up off sick again. But im am only working 8 hrs next week in 2 days which is good.

Will let you all know how i have got on with my friends and work on Wednesday. Hope you are all well.

Take Care


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hope you have a lovely time :) xx


Have a wonderful time, make sure you rest when you can! :D


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