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Good morning all!

How are you all today?

I have not slept well again lol.

My sleep has been off for a long time as we all know that with fibro.

Anyway, i have had swollen feet for the last 5/6yrs and have told my doctor many times that my feet were still swollen.

They finally agreed for me to have a scan on my left foot.

That was done yesterday. I have since found out from the sonographer that i have arthritis in my left foot! I think i have had this for like the whole time.

I did however see a rheumatologist a few years back and now it seems as i was told yesterday, that i will have to go back and get the full diagnosis. I already have arthritis in my back and the fibro. Could it be that i have both i wonder now...

also, what about work? the arthritis is in my feet. Is there anyone out there that has this condition?

from kerry

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I have osteo arthritis in left ankle both knees and both thumb joints started 4 years ago slowly got less mobile this I am convinced caused my fibro to get worse before the arthritis I was very active and hardly noticed my fibro apart from the very odd flare up I had 18 years with very few problems now I am in constant pain from fibro and drs are as yet unable to find the right med combo to help. My ankle hurts all the time is a different shape to the other ankle I have to pick up specially moulded insoles to try to align my feet again on aug 8th hoping that will help. It's a nuisance but you are not alone.

Hugs Helen x


Hi madhelen,

Thankyou for your message. I will take it in to context and deal with it with your help ty.

love kerry x


I too have osteo arthritis in my feet and knees for about 8 years now and have had fibro since I was ten the pain is really rubbish but I was brought up to push on through and find it hard to pace myself I usually collapse in a heap atnight hope you feel better soon soft hugs Frances x


hi huggybear16 and madhelen,

I was just wondering if you both still worked?

from kerry x


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