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Good Morning All

Well thanks for the comments last night all. I did enjoy my Ben & Jerrys (cherry garcia yum yum) and i manage to watch the whole film (a gerard Butler one). I had to take a diazepam and a tramadol for the pain and muscle seizure but i settled down at 7.30 and although as usual i woke every 2 hours i did get more sleeep than i usually do.

However when i woke at 6.30 to get my son up for work i found he had eaten the stuff i got in for his packed lunch so i had to give him my stuff.

If it wasnt for the fact i know as his first week at work after 2mths off sick he hasnt any money yet i would have made him buy his own.

I was very annoyed, he hadnt done all the dishes (left the roaster etc) and let the cats sleep on my sofa again so covered in cats hair so i was very stressed again.

After yelling at him i came online to find a email from my friend in germany with fibro so i replied to that and by reading her problems i calmed down and felt mine wasnt so bad.

I am not going to do anything for the majority of the day simply becasue my legs are on fire again and i need to completely destress.

But i wanted to say thank you and a good morning to all you wonderful people on this site. I am so glad i found the link to it.

sorry for the essay again. :) xxx

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poor you, yes do Sweet F A today sounds like good medicine to me! enjoy xx oh and good morning :D


hi flips. i wont be able to go the whole day without doing something but whilst i stay in my room lol its eay to forget the rest house. But im very tender all over today so wont do too much!!

You have a good day now!! xx


you too, make sure the kids do the running around after you today (bribe them haha) xx hope you feel better tomorrow xx


Morning kia,

Mmmmm I love gerald butler he is soooo gorgeous.

I hope you can get it through to your son soon, just to help a little bit. I hate walking down stairs in the morning and finding the cats have casted everywhere its a nightmare.

I have to leave them in my livingroom as if i dont lock them in there they will wake the whole house up meowing outside someones bedroom to get in, the cheeky sods lol.

Have a good restful day. :)

kel xxx


sounds like my cat! she sleeps on my bed most nights tho if shes not outside chasing mice. She used to constantly wake me up but now with my sleep pattern the role is reversed heheheh Pay Backs a b**** lol


:) like :)



I was just about to leave you a reply from your post last night but I see you are feeling a bit better this morning which is good. You dont need to apologise for how you were feeling last night, I always say a problem shared is a problem halved and this is a great place to share how you are feeling. I know all about having bad dreams as I never seem to have any nice ones and I find it really affects how I feel when I wake up after a horrible dream. Maybe its the meds I really dont know but I cant remember when I last had a nice dream. I hope you continue to feel a little better every day. Love and positive thoughts sent to you x


Thank you all for your kind Comments!!

Stiffler is my sons cat and supposed to sleep in his room as i get bad breathing probs when he is in my rooms. The other cat is hopefully going this week. Someone abandoned him in oct when he was 2mths old, i took him in cos he was freezing hoping to rehome before now. Our cat hates him. Finally i think someone is interested. Hope so cos he whines constantly.

My dreams are definately more vivid nowadays maybe it is the meds but i also wake myself a lot as i forget to breathe a lot especially in my sleep. So thats why i have unsettled sleep.

Im not sure how much i can do today as i just went downstairs for the post and my legs just dont want to work today. Thankfully i have grab rails etc.

But until payday i need to do the cooking as myt son eats way too much and we keep running out of things. Also i make less mess : )

Im very tender all over, i have a migraine coming and my legs are on fire so not a good day physically but i do feel thanks to all your support and my friend in Germany i feel a bit better emotionally today.

Hope you all have a good day!! xx


good morning i must go get some ben and jerry stoday if i got time or can be bothered sounds lush enjoy your de stress day if you can least it sunny love to you diddle x


i love ben & jerrys but dont help with the weight gain. Luckily they do my 3 fave flavours, cherry garcia, phish food and choc brownie in a frozen yoghurt one now. All the taste half the fat. Tesco's or was it Asda was doing offer half price.

You seem to be having a action packed day lol though diddle. xx


Glad you felt better for your rest last night, aw bless kids hey we all have to put up with them don't we, just do what and when you can that is my motto now I am so tired with no energy so will do what I can rest and so on and its so nice outside but that is how life with fibro goes hey!

Take care Hugs Ruby xx


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