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New Boyfriend :)

i have been divorced for years and keep meeting mr wrong, but i am not going to give up until i am 50 so 4 more years to look.

i met this one online and all is good at moment date three and we still want to see each other ...

i know some of you have fab husbands and some of you like me are single and some of you are struggling to keep a relationship going with mr fibro involved.

well i will keep you updated and lets see how long this one lasts, perhaps that is not the attitude lol

soft hugs all

penny with a smile on her face xxx

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i know why you smiling i know why you smiling hmmmmmmm lol petal


Ha lol Fadedblossom, penny u lucky thing, but i hope he's giving you soft hugs lol x




really going slow with this one he will pay the price for the others lol


so pleased for you x


Good on you :-)

just enjoy and have some fun and yes you never no he might be Mr Right :-) sooo very pleased for you penny :-)

love and gentle hugs jackie xxxx


good on you lv and if Mr fibro the SH*T plays the gooseberry on 1 of your dates pour a bloody pint over the SH*TS head and then crown him with bar stool....god i lv being aggressive when it comes to Mr fibro the bloody D*CKFER.(but im not encouraging anyone else too)


sorry lv couldnt resist,lots of warm and fluffy cuddles fm me :) :) :) XXXXXXXXXXXX


Bless you good for you take it nice and slowely and hopefully fingers crossed you have kissed all the frogs and this is your prince love diddle xxx


Penny thats great news, I really hope all goes well for you xxxxx


You lot have made me laugh this morning :-)

See him again next wed, will keep you informed...

I do find the extra effort affects my fibro and if he snores then its a no go ...

Big soft hugs xxx

From Penny kissing in a tree :-)


Wishing you all the best Penny. Enjoy!!!! xx


Good for you Penny, hope everything works out for you. I gave up any hope of finding someone because I didnt want to "inflict" my Fibro, depression and other illnesses on anyone.But I met someone through an online dating site, and pessimistic me was thinking "he's guna run a mile when I tell him about it". But I told him right off at the start, so he had chance to run before I got "attached". But its been about 6or7 weeks now and he keeps coming back!! Not that Im complaining. So enjoy your new boyfriend. But dont do all that kissing in a tree coz you could fall and hurt yourself, lol!! lotsa love, Carol and Rich xx


Hi Penny, good for you. Take things slowly, one day at a time. I honestly hope & pray it brings you lots of happines & joy you both find that you need each other.

I myself have given up on the dating scene, I feel too old (49) & with my body I am so paranoid.

I now stick to my reading & let it take me places lol. I think I am the people in books. I never go out to socilize so my chances are very limited.

Enough about me.

I wish you both every happiness & you last long & bring out the best in each other.

Lots of love & gentle hugs

Jackie xx


Good for you sweetie xx


Hi Penny,

So pleased for you :) hope it works out for you and that you will both be very happy together.

Angel hugs xx


Hi Penny

So pleased for you. I gave up trying to find my Mr right a while ago and wouldnt want to inflict this on anyone new so i still see my ex. He wont commit so i guess we are friends but bot seeing others, and leaves me alone when i have bad days so i usually only see him once a week for a couple hours but its better than being completely alone.

So to hear that you are hopefully finally having fun and met someone who looks like he wants to stay is great news.

You go for it. xx


Sorry meant to have said not seeing others lol.


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