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Swollen Fingers Knuckles and Wrists


I have had VERY swollen fingers knuckles and wrists for several months now and they are really painful. I have seen my doctor and been prescribed both Voltarol medication and Gell to apply directly. Neither of those treatments worked and so I was prescribed Codine to help with the pain, and was sent to hospital for x rays. I was then referred to a Rhumatology clininc where I have been today. They have now refered me to a specialist Rhumatologist and also to go for Physio thereapy as they just dont know whats causing it. Can Fibromyalgia cause this? I have had fibro for 12 years now but never had this problem before.

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My fingers are always swollen and bent inwards in the morning also very red..... Takes ages for them to get moving was told it was a fibro thing..... Been taking steroids for nearly a week for my severe flare up of pain in my neck due to arthritis and there is an improvement already in my hands ... Wish I could say the same for my neck

VG x

I have already been tried on steroids and they had no effect at all, my hands and wrists stayed just as swollen and painful. Thanks for answering though, I hope your neck will improve soon. Katy x

No, swelling is not a Fibro symptom. I understand that some people do get swelling because of issues that may be related to Fibro though, such as severe Myofascial restrictions, hypermobility, poor circulation from lack of exercise, etc but these should be separately diagnosed.

It is good you're going to see a specialist rheumatologist. Some rheumy conditions that do cause swelling do not show up in blood tests in the early stages (which can last years), so careful monitoring may be needed, and sometimes they have to diagnose and treat, e.g. Lupus or UCTD, without a definitive blood test.

ive got swollen left wrist but the rest of my hands r very painful n feel tight xx

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tofty, has your GP worked out what has caused that swelling?

Hi, I don't know if it is the weather or not but my pain has gone through the roof. I used to have pain mainly in hips and legs being the worse. My left hip feels like a little man is slowly sawing it off. This pain really limits my walking so i now can not really leave my home

But the last few days my hands have joined in. When I wake up my fingers and wrists hurt, for some reason unknown to me my middle finger(is the worst) just will not move and I can not make a fist just as it is hurting too much and a feeling of tightness . I wish it would go away as it means I now can't get dressed by myself and have to rely on my daughter.

I take both MST and Oramorph to help with the pain but these only dull it.

I saw a rheumatologist before Christmas , and had a MRI of my hip and lower back but I am still waiting for results

I hope your flare up doesn't last too long

Caroline xxx

Caroline, make sure your GP sees that hand. It could be a sign of something else starting up.

my fingers are swollen and wrists, in fact all of my hands. i have fibro and tennosynavitus, dont think its the tenno as it feels diferent....i wake up and cant move my fingers for the pain....

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Has your GP given you an explanation for the swelling? Or run tests recently?

Thanks for all your comments, it seems we are all feling the effects of the weather at the moment. I know that isnt fibro as its so different from anything I have ever had before. Today my fingers are swollen so much I cant even touch my palm with them when trying to make a fist.The skin is burning right down to may arms(about 2 inches from my hands) but they are not hot to touch ? I do think its getting worse rather than better, I just hope I dont have to wait too long to get an appointment to see a rheumatologist, and I dont know what a physio therapist can do ??

Have your doctors ruled out/considered CRPS? Burning pain and sometimes swelling are symptoms of this:


The physio will give you exercises for your hands as keeping them Nevins will help a lot XXX

I have been given Oramorph today for the pain. I am still waiting to be referred to a Rheumatologist and Physio, but hopefully the morphine will help me until I get an appointment

I was finally diagnosed with Pseudo Gout I had never hear of this before. I am still undergoing physio and may have to have some cortesone injections to ease the pain

I too have this problem. Physo gave me some silly putty when watching tv keep moving it in your hands rolling it up all over your hands streTching it out keep doing it. You can buy this at wilkinson for around 3 pounds for 4 tubs, don't get it on your clothes or carpets, you won't get it off. Kids use this for modelling,. Just try it

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