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Co-proximol where are you?

Throughout my life I have been a mystery to the medical profession regarding my health.

I have had all manner of tests and have been told "You're a mystery Mrs Robinson"

When I was in my 30's I was bringing up my children and could not manage doing too much eg, housework then ironing. My limbs felt heavy and I was exhausted - all the symptoms of Fybro which wasn't discovered in those days.

To be able to get through a day I took co-proximol and felt re-juvinated. I could carry on all day and had enough energy to carry on and no pain.

Then they took away this miracle drug and I'm left with pain and exhaustion.

Oh how I wish it could be brought back.

Does anyone else have memories of this drug that worked for them?

With fond memories, Ren

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It was very good, they stopped making it as was addictive, that's

Funny as that means the other drugs are not then, tramadol

Pregablin to mention but a few.

I don't find anything works realy it takes the edge off, but that's about

All, not sure it helps the Brain function, at least not mine I seem to

Have got more thick than I was before that and this fog.

As a nurse I often find myself saying to patients this day and age

People don't have to suffer pain any more, well that's not true in

Our case we do, we and the thousands of people who suffer it

You would think that the medical people would find us some thing

That would help us function day to day, and not keep saying

Fibro well yes you get pain but you can live with that, can we

It effects every part of our life's,

My husband has rheumatoid arthritis, and does not get the pain I

Do that's because he has the right medication so in a way fibro

Is worse than rheumatoid as its not controlled.

My moan for Sunday I guess I am lucky almost 60, but what about

Younger people with fibro what life have they, as you can tell I get

A bit cross about it all. I know there are a lot of people that have

Worse than we do, the difference is that other illness are recognised.



You can still get it. There's only one or two manufacturers left as there was an outcry whn it was going to be banned (due to u being able to overdose on it - look it up on Google,there's loads on it) and its sometimes the only painkiller tht works as you'll know. I get it from my GP twice a year and I make 100 last abt 6 months. My GP has to write a great scrawl on why I need it but yr GP can do the same. Good luck. X


Gosh that's worth knowing, and it works for you is that the only

Medication you take


For those of you who don't know much about this particular med, here is some info on it -

Co-proxamol is commonly known as “Distalgesic”. It is a compound analgesic. This means it is painkiller containing two ingredients. These ingredients are Paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene. It is said to be no more effective than ordinary Paracetamol 500mg tablets. This is because it only contains 325mg of paracetamol together with the dextropropoxyphene, which is a weak painkiller. Clinical trials have shown that in many cases co-proxamol is not as effective as ordinary Paracetamol.

Co-proxamol can be dangerous and can cause lots of side-effects especially in the elderly. Common ones include constipation, nausea and drowsiness. It can also be much more harmful than similar painkillers in accidental or intended overdose. Co-proxamol can also affect the way other medicines work. It is for these reasons that the drug was withdrawn from regular prescriptions.

For anyone who used to take Co-proxamol, please have a word with your Doctor who will be able to prescribe you a medication which is safer to take. :)


I remember my mum taking Distalgesic over 30 years ago! Their familiar name was D.G.s. The more I remember, the more I think my mum also had fibro, but they put all her pain down to arthritis. <3 <3 I too used to take co-proxamol and found it very effective on my fibro pain.

Ruth x


Thank you for the information,LibbyDe,

I can honestly say that they really helped with my pain plus gave me energy to cope with every day chores.

In fact my GP at the time was surprised at how they worked for me as they usually made people sleepy - not me!!!

I reckon I've had Fybro for many many years as I have had leaden legs and any number of various joint problems all which have been a mystery to the medical profession who have tested me.

At least now there is a name for what I suffer from - which is little compensation but has made me see that I'm not a hypochondriac...


I find that Soluble Paracetamol works well, but I try not to take pain killers cos I find that if I ignore the pain as much as pos then it recedes to just a dull ache in the background which I can cope with, but when I take something the pain seems to come back much stronger. Just enjoy the good days and survive the bad ones, that's my motto


I find my co-proxamol helps me. I can't co-codamol as it makes me as a sick as a dog. Co-dydramol causes me bowel problems as does dihydrocodeine. I don't take co-proxamol often n I hvnt found it interferes wth any of my other meds.


Wow, I am overwhelmed with the replies. I did ask my GP and he said that he couldn't prescribe it.

As for the internet, there have been so many warnings about the quality of meds and them not being safe.

Wasn't there a question of people taking them as overdoses?

All I know is that they worked for me much better than anything I have tried since and would be much happier to take these rather than Zydol which just touches my pain instead of removing it altogether.

Thank you for all your comments. You are all so

Hugs Ren


I can remember my mum having Distalgesics for her bad back years ago. I thought Co-codomol was the replacement for it.


Hi Glochessum,

Yes I have tried Co-codomol but it just does't do what Co-proximol did.

Hugs Ren


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