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anyone ever taken glucose tablets?

I sometimes carry them for an extra bit of energy when out and overwhelmed with pain and/or fatigue, so that I could get to a seat or home.

I recently saw "mystery diagnosis" [an american tv documentary programme] where a man had a condition where he would have extremes from muscular pains to falling and unable to move.

[the techky bit - his body was making too much potassium and not enough sodium and it affected his muscles]

the main treatment for his condition - other than diuretics, is easy

- glucose tablets before doing anything.

I don't have his condition, just share some of the symptoms, but found the glucose bit interesting [techky - it helped break down the potassium so it passes out of his body quicker]

I'm not sure if I've remembered it all properly, but would be interested if others have tried the glucose lozenges.

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Hi Sandra, I saw that documentary also and I too don't have his condition or anything like it but did wonder also if glucose would help when we are bad, especially if we had to be somewhere and were delayed getting back home, something like that always exhausts me and sometimes I just seem to be losing energy by the minute and get overwhelmed with pain and then panic.

I too would be interested to hear if anyone had tried glucose and if it helped.

I remember at the beginning of summer we had family round and I could feel my energy draining so I took a vitamin drink (similar to berrocca) and I found it gave me the energy to last a while longer..not sure if it was all in my head!

Do you find the glucose helps you?


Hi, I was recently given some information regarding a specific sugar we are apparently missing. The article suggested taking d-ribose 500mg twice daily. So I ordered some and got it a few days ago, however not started it yet. I guess there must be some link as you suggested glucose. Anyway maybe u could try it too. Fingers crossed. Hope this helps, I will update my progress ( if any). Hugs Sheena. X


yes, I don't need as much as I have to use a scooter. I did think they helped - maybe just as a sugar boost, but wouldn't it be wonderful if it worked?


Hi Mary I was told from someone else with fibromyalgia to take dextrose tabs when I got the very severe fatigue when out and about. As sometimes when I've struggled around shop and all of a sudden fatigue hits me and can't drive home, to keep these tabs in my bag and take three if that's what it takes. X


I remember many years ago someone saying that glucose and sugar helped the brain work more efficiently, so when exam time came there we all were with either sucking Dextrose or barley sugar, don't know if it worked but I got through OK.

Now I hear we possibly need it to give us a boost just to get us where we need to be, the brain activity is out the window now, what we need now is a bit of help just to complete a task we used to not even consider problematic.

Ah well, this age thing is definitely not what it is cracked up to be.

I imagined when we retired we would be going here and there, having long holidays and enjoying our lives together.

We still enjoy our lives together but we seem to be only able to go as far as the medication lets us, my doctor will not prescribe more than two weeks of morphine so that limits us also, let alone the physical side of things the loKindest regards



i must admit if i drink lucozade i feel better,gives me a much needed boost!xxx


Hi Sandra,

When I was still working I used Glucose tablets regularly to keep me going, now when I am setting off on a journey of some distance I always take a glucose boost to help keep me alert. It makes you brighter and your reaction faster which is useful when driving on the motorways.

One word of warning dont do it all the time as it is fattening or can be depending the form you take it in. Boots glucose tablets good and there used to be a high energy drink from Lucozade in little tiny pots which was brilliant and instant hit. xgins


Hi Sandra,

I read that one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia is Reactive Hypoglycaemia where you get a sudden dip in blood sugar levels about 2-3 hours after a meal ( fibrofibromyalgia-symptoms.... reactive-hypoglycaemia-and-fibromyalgia ) I find that if I eat a few squares of dark chocolate then the symptoms seem to reduce.

This sounds very much like the symptoms you are describing, where a quick fix of glucose seems to help you.

My mother-in-law has Reactive Hypoglycaemia ( not fibromyalgia related!!) and she experiences exactly the same symptoms as me and always has some sweets handy.... I find what works best for me is eating small meals/snacks very regularly so I don't experience the sudden dip in sugar levels... also foods with a high G.I. which release sugars slowly help ( e.g. I have porridge oats for breakfast).

Hope this helps you.... xxxx


I used them years go as an athlete when running long distances especially when it was sunny and warm/hot.

I think this is a very interesting discussion topic Sandra and has certainly made my ears prick up!!!

It would most certainly explain my life-long craving for sugar too me thinks.

My mum always tells people that if I'm being grumpy I either need sugar or nicotine, the former is a must because I find myself waning rapidly to almost passing out yet do not have diabetes and have been tested many, many, times. I am now wondering if this is worth mentioning to my gp as he would also, probably find it interesting. I'm lucky with my gp because he very understanding and always looking further into conditions and possibilities.

I would be very, very interested in checking the article out so that I can give him the link. Would that be possible Sandra please?

My boingy brain is now up and awake



sorry I mean documentary details so that I can find the link, ok boingy brain obviously not awake enough! LOL



I only take glucose tablets if I feel my blood sugar is low - I have T2 diabetes. Glucose tablets are not meant to be eaten like sweets, although they are very moreish I know, and they can only give you a brief burst of energy. XX


mystery diagnosis series 9 episode 4 title "the baby who bruised easily"

the man is on the second story and has hyperkalemia.

Again, I do not have this, just interested in the glucose link.



I use glucose tablets for my type two diabetes not for FM


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