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Choking sensation

It is 1.10am and all is quiet. I am laying here wide awake my poor husband has gone downstairs to sleep. I am getting like a choking sensation i get it quite a lot. There is no burning so it's not indigestion or heart burn. It feels as if my gullet is full up with food and will not budge or another way of putting it is its bruised I have developed a cough and it will last all the time I am feeling like this and then will disappear along with choking feeling. Does anyone else get this?

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hi i am awake as well . this sounds like a build up of catarr you have i sometimes get it . but get it checked out if it crries on x


Sherry - have you had your thyroid function checked?

Just a thought cuz that is in the front of your neck - mine is underactive and I often need to do a sort of choking cough to clear my throat ... it is very common apparently in those of us with thyroid problems.

Julie xx


Hi Sherry,

This could be many things such as anxiety or Chiari Malformation - see your GP and get yourself checked via MRI is the safest bet :)

Take care

Peachy x


Hi Sherry - you should get this checked, as it's a symptom which may be linked to several disorders, some potentially serious.

Also, this symptom is often found in people who have to swallow quite a few pills and don't take enough water to wash them down properly!

I hope this turns out to be your problem, as it's easily solved, but DO check it out with your GP.

Much luv ... Moffy x


oh my god ... I recently woke up with a choking sensation like this but just brushed it off ... I do have under active thyroid and take medication for Fibromyalgia altho no real diagnosis has been made ... I take 100mg Tramadol, 100mg Diclofenic ad 200mg of Amitriptyline every night but am still in pain every day ... Does anyone know of any other painkillers that do work ? ... Cant take Pregabalin or Gabapentin as allergic


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