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losing faith rapidly

this gp is not doing anything to regain my trust in them.its normal to just tell the gp what is wrong and they address it,today has been hell- the three main issues i have that gp's have not "taken seriously" and investigated

chronic pelvic bone pain-never been accepted

persistent abdo pressure/pain -hurts to eat and choking fits

headpain -pressure/enlargement skull.neck tightness

and so far she has not addressed or considered choking,headpain,abdomen,-

have an appt booked for the 20th -i am not sure i can do this anymore

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Is there any possibility of going privately just for a consultation on these issues? The dr will have to write to your GP mentioning what you have written here. That may start the ball rolling in being taken seriously.

Can you set down your conditions and then e mail to a private consultant with a view to self referring?

In the meantime please do no give up and let these drs win.



Hi, I second what avocadopeardrops has said. Get a second opinion! Spk to another GP & find out the best person i.e. What field & either get them to refer you or if possible see a consultant privately if you can. Sometimes the consultants who you have seen privately can add you to their NHS list. PM me if you would like to discuss further. Take care x



Your frustration rang a bell in my head, and I understand your frustration with not been taken seriously by your GP completely.

I have found that I have had to try to be learn to be patient with the GP, and NHS.

I am British, but lived abroad in New York for 25 years, and I was spoilt with going to see my GP in New York, and my GP actually picked up the phone and called a specialist friend of his, and, then, I drove over straight to see the specialist , because my appointment was accross town in thirty minutes. Very quick referral!!!

I have lived back in the UK for three years, and I was outraged at first, because it took me three months for a GP to actually accept me as a patient. I thought they were joking at first.

After that, trying to see a specialist, because of pre-existing condition was just as difficult. It took me six months to get my first appointment .

More recently, this year, I ended up getting private insurance, because I was so unhappy with having to beg for treatment of very real symptoms, and being taken seriously, like it sounds that you are enduring.

I can only advise that you keep being persistent , keep making appointments to see your GP, and keep repeating your symptoms to your GP, until you are heard, and you are taken seriously.

The squeaky wheel always gets the oil !!!

Good luck to you, and I hope you finally get the answers and help you need for your health and well-being.


Mand x

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hi...I am in Canada and many GPs have signs in their offices saying,"if you have more than one problem, book an additional appointment. Only one issue per appointment!!! 🤐😡

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Hi Mooskie

I am not sure what prompted you to say this.I made three separate appointments .Gp insisted on one issue per consultation-did not fully address what I presented with and then proceeded to go on about another matter in my time.If the patient can only raise one issue,then the GP shouldnt be raising another.

they say that here too but its swings and roundabouts ,some patient s dont need their full ten minutes and others may have one or two "small issues" which can be dealt with in the time.

Booking further appointments takes an hour and a half of my time each time I go to the doctors -yet they dont allow double appointments.

most of the doctors at the surgery I am at only work two -three day a week so unless you book an appt well in advance you cant get one.

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where are you? I was just trying to explain what happens up here in Canada. My complaint is, how can a doctor diagnose properly if he doesn't hear all the symptoms??? With patients going through every 10 mins, i doubt they can even picture us when they do review our charts. now it also takes a lot of time while they type into their PCs. !!!

In the UK,It seems it is the same problem was not the doctor not hearing all the symptoms I made sure I told them everything -it was the Gp not accepting what I told them .Some of them type during the consultation and the cant be listening if they are typing.

my gp spent time going through my electronic notes when it was irrelevant to what I was presenting with on the day and was unnecessarily taking up time

it is interesting to note that the "govt run health care systems" are causing long delays and poorer treatment. having lived in the USA and now in Canada, i think the less govt is involved, the better the care!

Hi rainbow, have you had the results back from your private gp yet?

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no not yet ,i have contacted them by email today.

Ive given up on my GP practice. In the 3 years I've lived here they've not treated me successfully or failed to diagnose correctly one health concern after another.

Blinding headaches I was told were just another type of migraine. Wrong, my spine had rotated out of place, piece of bone was sticking out in my neck but the GP never examined me. Identified by chiro in 30 seconds. She put it right.

A UTI was "anti biotic resistant, do something for me , drink lots of water" ( insert condescending voice in here) After another 5 weeks of pain, privately obtained anti biotics cleared it up in a few days.

And so it's gone on. I refuse to beg for an appointment and then have to justify why I'm there.

Got diagnosis of fibromyalgia 3 weeks ago via private consultant (£220, 3 week wait vs 8 month NHS wait) Learning as much as I can and treating myself. GP has had letter but from her but I cannot see the point in going to see GP.

Sorry for rant---- I can empathise with how you feel. If you can afford it a private appointment might get you answers.


i would avoid them if I could but need to see the GP in relation to benefits as well as my conditions .I have just had to hand in a form to the GP to renew my travel permit as I dont get PIP.I told the receptionist at the council that I was advised not to claim for mobility until I receive my PIP forms.I asked for an appt tomorrow as told that the GP was in mon tues wed only to be told she only does mon and tues.If she doesnt acknowledge my conditions and hasnt "taken me seriously " what chance have I got of her completing the form,.

especially as the other GP there did not acknowledge me when I couldnt walk uphill/steps for pain and said "i walked ok there".

I had to go to the surgery to hand the form in so she gets it and fills it in today.The receptionist said "she is in with patients" when I asked if she could make sure the GP gets it today..

The first, (and only!) time I have seen my current GP was two winters ago when he came to give me a flu jab. As someone with a continuing condition I should have a care plan (I don't) also continuity of care, (what's that , preciousss?).

As a former nurse You would think I'd be up to date on all this, but not a chance! It takes over a month to get an appointment with ANY GP in my practice, let alone My GP!

I've run out of tablets, I'm way overdue for blood tests, and I don't know where to turn, as we don't have a walk in centre in my town.

I'm tempted to give up completely.

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Hi Midori

I am so sorry you are having these problems with the GP. Having fibro is enough in itself!

I am also a former nurse and you would think we would be able to manage better but this is personal to us and so very different

I have had some similar experiences - going to GP with different issues - joint pain / tendonitis (admitted to hospital at one point with neck pain) / fatigue - exhaustion / sore hands and feet blah do blah - all tests coming back normal and this had been going on for years - really thought I was a hypochondriac and making a meal out of nothing. Was having steroid injection in shoulder about 2 months ago due to pain and physio not working and GP just mentioned in passing - could be fibro.

Came home and googled and had every single symptom even down to sore eyes - wanted to speak to GP - no appts - only phone call - told me over the phone that it was probably fibro - take some amitriptyline and phone again in a month - so much for care eh!

Anyway my advice would be to phone and ask for a home visit and tell them its urgent - hopefully they will squeeze you in to see GP in surgery rather than GP coming out.

Re meds - if they are regularly prescribed you can get an emergency supply from any pharmacy as long as you have a prescription copy sheet or boxes with your details - did this once when I was working away and forgot meds (am diabetic)

Good luck and take care


rainbow58 , I think we all hear you loud and clear and we get it. I wish I had an answer but sadly they don't take me seriously either, there's some good advice here though. I wish you the best and please, don't give up no matter how much you want to. xxx

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I am not giving up.It s a one woman battle against Gp's who say they will listen and take me seriously then dont listen or accept what you I tell them.I have been telling them for over five years that any weight gain is abdominal and not in my control. yet they still say you need to lose weight and hand me diet sheets even though I dont eat.I choked again tonight on my food and throat was very tight and chronic pain after eating.

next appt will mention abdomen /throat and Pagets disease-time permitting.

Has the private doc and X-ray shown you have Pagets ?


they said the xray was normal.that was all.i have asked if they can send me the actual xray pics.

I still have the facial bone deformities .it hasnt ruled out Pagets could still be from head symptoms and other symptoms.

Hi rainbow you should as a matter of course get the X-rays, they are your property. Pagets of the bone will show its characteristics on plain X-ray so if it reported as normal with no distinctive pattern you really can rest assured you do not have pagets of the bone.added to the usual fbc tests that you had it really would be conclusive that there is no pagets. That's great news and it one less out of your 3 problems.


it still doesnt give me an answer for my will be the same old story-rule out one thing but not consider any other .

As x-ray is the main test used for Pagets and it's come back normal that is surely a relief for you plus as the private doctor and the X-ray were nothing to do with your GP they won't have been influenced by your past GP problems.

Maybe your facial changes are just age related, we all look different as we get older.

What other tests have you planned ?


hi bantam it is not just shape changes -it is the pain as well and my jaw is so far forward it affect s drinking and eating,

I have asked for referrals but she refused.The other symptoms are signs of Pagets.

I have pain and swelling in other areas that no Gp has ever acknowledged - or investigated.

Have you had your teeth and particularly your bite checked by your dentist ? If your bite is out that will cause pain.


Hi Rainbow, haven't they already diagnosed you with dysphagia in relation to the choking episodes? If you are limited to mentioning only one problem because of the agreement you had to sign, would it not be best to perhaps focus on the problems that you haven't had a difinitive diagnosis for? Best of luck with your next appointment x


hi lipbalmaddict

that was diagnosed over two &half years ago -i dont think i was choking then it was a scan the GP arranged to see if anything else was going on with my stomach,I think choking episodes have been in approx last 6-7 months.I havent signed any agreement cos they have put in stuff that was not previously mentioned or agreed and two things that werent agreed.I am not agreeing to something so ridiculous as them telling me when I can be sick enough to see a GP .its contradictory saying you can have no more than one appointment a month and only discussing one thing.i made three separate appointments for outstanding issues but she did not refer me at all,its 6 years since i saw a rheumatologist and about 18 months since i saw a endocrinlogist confirmed facial changes-bone deformity but not in his field so left it open for further investigation-another referral in another area.

i have told her of things I havent had diagnoses for but she acknowledged them but did not address them..They said they werent going to recognise what they call "ongoing clinical issues"-What they class as these "issues" are the things i have had no diagnosis for and worsening symptoms.-ie pelvic pain-had this and abdominal soreness for 6 years plus and when they feel my abdomen i tell them where its sore and thats as far as they go,,headpain-bone deformity,increasing pain and pressure-abdomen,cold foot.

i am sick of hearing "we will listen to you and take you seriously"and "make sure you tell the gp everything" only for what I tell them not be acknowledged and i get the same comments.

i have drafted a letter to her ahead of consultation to get my points across .

She nor any gp at this surgery has ever asked about how my conditions affect me or about my private life and she declined to sign a form for me to renew my travel permit confirming I cant walk so far without severe discomfort or social issues which were confirmed by the DWP after an appeal for IB.Going to confront her on this on tuesday.the way i feel right now i dont ever want to see that surgery ever again but i have no choice at the moment.

She has already broken the "agreement" by not "taking me seriously"or she would be accepting what I tell her and making those referrals/investigations.

Hi rainbow, Aren't those the conditions that they diagnosed as hypochondria and dysmorphia? I'm only asking as it means as far as they're concerned you have been diagnosed, so that's why they will not acknowledge them, or arrange further investigations. As far as your appointments go, I am unable to book more than one at my surgery unless the gp says otherwise, so you being able to book 3 in advance is very good.

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