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Mefenamic Acid - anyone tried it?


I was prescribed this a couple of months ago from my doctor for bad abdominal premenstrual pains which can dry on for days and days (I am in the peri-menopause but always had painful periods). My doctor prescribed them with Omeprazole but I just have to read the list of side-effects and the fact that I'm already taking a few meds puts me off! I would be more reassured if I heard from others who have taken it. Thanks

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Hello Kirby, I haven't taken Mefenamic Acid myself but I have heard of it. It's quite common to take it for period pains, heavy periods and PMT. The Omeprazole is prescribed to protect your stomach and to make it produce less acid which leads to stomach ache etc.

Mefenamic Acid is also used to relieve mild to moderate pain after operations and in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It also stops the production of irritant chemicals. This results in less pain, swelling and inflammation.

The lists of side effects with any medication Kirby sounds particularly frightening and I am sure if we took notice of every single side effect we would be too scared to take anything. However we have to weigh up the benefits of taking the tablets and with Fibromyalgia, exhaustion, pain, period pains etc., if we can get some relief from these, I think they are worth taking.

Try not to worry too much, you are protecting your stomach which is the main thing with the Omeprazole that you have been prescribed. If you don't get any relief from the Mefenamic Acid tablets then please report back to your Doctor. Take care Kirby :)


Many thanks for that, LibbyDe. Your post is reassuring and I think I have reached the point where anything would be better than this pain! Kirby x


My pleasure Kirby, happy to help any time! :) :) I am sure we have all taken medications worrying about side effects, but when your pain reaches a certain level and drags you down, even a side effect doesn't seem so bad.

I hope you manage to have a peaceful weekend Kirby! :)


Many thanks, Libby. You too :-)


Me and my daughter have both had Mefenamic Acid for period pains. It is best if you start the course a couple of days before your period is due as it is an asprin derivitive and breaks down the clots which are painful to pass. My periods were always irregular so I never got the full benefit. It has helped my daughter take the edge off her periods - but they are still heavy just not so clotty - and there has been a small but noticed difference in pain levels.

I'd say give it a go ... it can't really hurt any more than Asprin and it might improve things

Julie x


Thanks lots, Julie. I have been taking CoCodamol up until now but can't take too much of that in one day so I think I will give the Mefenamic Acid a go. I also need to look at how many I need to take. I didn't realize you had to take a course. I thought it was as and when.

Many thanks

Kirby x


You start it a couple of days before your period is due and continue whilst you are bleeding then stop at the end of the period.

Taking an odd one here and there won't be of very much help.

Julie xx


Thanks, Julie xx


Ive used this too and it works did fot me.


Thanks Sammy x


I was given Mefenamic Acid for my Endometriosis pain, but it did nothing for me. I don't think I had any side effects with it.


Thanks Tendo x


I was given it for uterus pain......did nothing for me either.....hope it ok for others x


Thanks x


Hi Kirby, I have tried both.

I take lansoprazole now instead of omeprazole - not sure what the difference is tbh. That's due to having pain meds that can upset my stomach.

As for the Mefenamic Acid - I think it depends what the reasons behind your pain are. I took it years ago, sadly it did nothing for my pain but it turned out I had adenomyosis (type of endometriosis - I've since had everything surgically removed that was infected). I've heard it has helped many other people though with abdominal pain. Fingers crossed you are one of them. I didn't have any side effects or interactions with other drugs thankfully.

I understand your worries totally, but I now give any prescribed meds a go, if they disagree with me, I can always stop them, but if I never take them, I'll never know if they can help my pain.

Hope it works for you. 👍


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