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O24 - has anyone tried it?


I would like to try this all natural ingredient spray which is hitting the headlines at the moment, but before I do I was wondering if anyone has tried it?

I would rather do the all natural remedy and am very tempted but this product costs money and I don't have any to waste.

Ren Robin...xxx

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Hi Ren Robin. I would be very careful with this product - if you "google" it on the internet there is a lot of info suggesting that it is a "scam" -- some people have given their credit card details and been "overcharged" -- I am always very wary of buying "new" remedies, Maybe ask your chemist or GP for their opinion. XX

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Hi Phlebo,

I saw the ad for it and thought that it would be good. Shame if it's a scam...xxx

A quick search reveals a lot of marketing material and one (unpublished) paper with some dubious results.

The key thing to look at is the difference in outcome for the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ) before the trial and after it. In both the control group and the active group (those using the O24 treatment) there is no change seen in the outcome.

They also state that the change in tender point test is highly significant, but when you look at the actual data, scores changed from 16.4 to 16.2 in the active group. A less than 1% change. I'm not sure I could even distinguish a 1% change in pain levels.

Hello SimonMiddlemiss,

Thank you for your reply.

I'm always wary giving my bank details over the internet and I don't think a 1% change is worth the risk.

Such a shame as I love the thought of these essential oils working.

Hugs Ren Robin...xxx


Has it got a hose with it as I think I would need

One for all the places that hurt, still give husband

Some thing to do other than sport

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Hi Vivien60,


The product is a number of essential oils which you can spray onto the affected part or they come as tissues impregnated with the oils.

Sound really good but I'm too wary to try and would feel better if someone like Holland & Barratt stocked it.

Hugs Ren Robin...xxx

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