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i will always love you

i will always love you

today i found out my husband of 45 years has bone cancer i left himthree years ago so why fo i cry and feel so bad....

we walked hand in hand

mutual feeling softy fanned

remember our first childhood kiss

you leaned over and it felt like bliss

I felt the support you gave me

Wiping tears you hated to see

Lovingly looking into your eyes

Thinking the blue of the skies

look at you now and life has made

true love does actually fade

thou we fought life’s hard game

we will never feel the same

there is no love in your smile

I have lingered with you a while

Despite the cold I cannot pretend

I won’t love you till the very end

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Aw there is nothing wrong with that just because you did not want to be together you shared alot of memeories etc so if you have remained good friends then good for you and i think it is natural that you would cry as you prob still love him as a friend and the poem is beautiful. love to you diddle xx


fadedblossom, My heart goes out to you. I lost my husband of over 27 years,, getting on for 9 years ago now, he was 50, he had a massive heart attack, and survived 9 months with severe heart failure, 9 months of hell and bliss, we had a good marriage, and were still deeply in love, but we didn't realize just how much until that dreadful night of his heart attack. I nursed him without any hesitation, even when he was in hospital. Although at one of them he was in when he had by-pass surgery, it was 11am before I could get there every day because of the distance. The nurses would try to get him to get dressed before I got there, and he'd say no he'd wait until I got there to help him. Sex was out of the question he was so ill, but every second of every day we wanted to be as close to each other as possible. We knew we loved each other it's a shame it took this to really bring it home to us how much. I think you could be feeling like this, even though you are separated it doesn't mean you don't still love each other, just that you chose not to live together anymore. If I found out one of my best friends was dying, I'd be devastated, so I expect this is a similar feeling for you. I think you should go with the flow, and if you want to be there for him, and he's happy with that then do it, IF you have children they would probably feel better knowing you are still so close, you need to do what is right for you and your estranged husband. If you don't then afterwards I think you may feel guilt, and feel you didn't do enough. Of course if either of you are in a new relationship this can, and probably will make a difference. The best I can hope for is that he doesn't linger too long, and I know bone cancer is a particularly nasty strain of the big C. If you wish to chat to me at all, just let me know. {{Hugs}} to you.


We are note in new relAtionships the.Zimbabwe govt wont give me a passport cos I did visit once a year and.

Being white has not helped

Nor able to.get a Brit one yet either atho he is. British.

By. Birth we have been mArried for 45 years

Granddad is Brit and great grand dad is French

And I cAnnot travell as I am in severe heart failure

As well as fibroand arth etc petal

But hey keep laughingg they can't take that away

unless we let them p


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