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depression personified

depression personified

Here it comes

Why can’t you see it too

whistling screaming

ground is trembling

all mankind shaking

its coming

Clouds over the sun

only darkness left

Racing through the land

the tornado is coming

Nothing I can do

Destruction on it’s way

hands reach out

no one there

Fingers clutching

At empty air

Deafeming sounds

Oh why can’t you u hear

Choking filthy dust

Blackness every where

Too late to offer help

tossed and broken

I lay and shed a tear

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Aren't you clever writing that. Wish I could put feelings into words the way you do. If you are depressed just hang on in there. That's what I tell myself when I hit rock bottom, and that's quite often. It never quite lea ves you ever, but sometimes it's not as bad as others. Considering the pain some of us have to tolerate I feel the pain of depresssion is far worse,and that's saying something, I know am in excrutiating physical pain at the moment, but would rather have this than have a depressive episode.



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