Hi all thanks for all your replies re my pup..well I had my pip my sister took me and we pulled up outside a physiotherapist to be faced with a step to enter she wiped the floor with the reception saying you expect disabled people to climb in?? They apologised and brought ot a portable ramp? She queried why if they knew I was coming y it wasn't set up. I was interviewed by a young nurse who asked some questions but I was disappointed that it wasn't recorded and I also thought that it was going to be three people. Now I'm worrying why there was only one, lack of sleep is making me paranoid!! Has anybody else only had one person interviewing?

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  • It's normal for one person to see you for the PIP assessment and if you want it recorded you have to provide the equipment yourself and get their permission in advance. I think maybe you're thinking of the appeal tribunal which is supposed to be three people, a judge, a doctor and a disability advisor.

    How did you feel the assessment went? Did the nurse seem to understand and accept what you said? I hope you get a good result.

  • Hi yes the nurse seemed ok but I've heard sooo many bad things about results

  • Hi Maureen1one

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best with the outcome my friend. furgus is quite right as you have to supply your own recording equipment. I personally think they should and then you have the option to have a recording of the assessment in case you do not agree with it. I truly hope that the procedure has not worn you out too much and made you ill, as it is quite a stressful thing to go through. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks ken just really nervous

  • Good luck my friend.

  • I asked for my assessment to be recorded and they agreed but you have to ask in advance when you receive the assessment appointment. They also supplied the recording equipment and I was given a copy at the end.

  • It's normally only ESA assessments that they'll record for you. You're very lucky that they agreed to do it for you for your PIP assessment with their equipment.

    They've made it difficult for PIP by insisting that you record it on two tapes or two CDs and they have said you can't record using a laptop or use a digital recording device etc. How many people these days have tape recorders or the ability to record to a CD without using a laptop?

  • Hi, don't be paranoid I have only ever had 1 person at pip, the only time I had 3 people was when I appealed the decision and I took it to court and won then there were 3. Stop being paranoid, you have done and said all you could now you have to wait for decision, if you don't agree with the decision appeal all the way till you are in front of a judge & doctor. Good luck

  • Yes, I did and she was lovely and so was the receptionist. Really thorough but understanding. Try not to panic.


  • Yep I had just one. All went well. I'm very happy with process. It felt intrusive at times but hey...We don't want fraudsters slipping through. All good.

  • Thanks I have heard horror stories about the results so would have been happier if it had been taped etc

  • This seems very strange to me, i have never heard of any one having assessment at a physiotherapists office. Many people dont even know the profession of the person conducting the assessment, knowing who did it and where they work seems to be a change in tact by DWP. Maybe they are using extra resources to speed up the process, anyway i wish you luck with the result.

  • Yep she said she was a nurse and seemed very at home at that office

  • Hi Leonwp

    I agree with you. I think that is why they are doing more home assessments too so that they can save on renting offices to carry out the assessments.

    Lu xx

  • I think that is also a difference between the emphasis on DLA and PIP, i was refused a home visit for DLA despite the fact that my doctor and consultant both advised DWP that i was not able to make the journey without dedicated transport and specialist assistance. They were also asked to consider that i am provided ambulance transport to attend clinics etc due to necessity. I was still refused a home visit. However when i submitted my claim for PIP i emphasised that as i had a purpose built flat to accomodate my condition and that EVERYTHING i do is only possible due to assistance or aids for example i use 5 aids to allow me to make a hot drink and that as all questions are related to life tasks that unless i was assessed in my home environment all i would be able to do is answer questions and sit in my wheelchair whereas in my home environment i would be able to demonstrate exactly what i am able to do and how. So i got a home assessment and was awarded 41 points, my DLA assessment was that i was declined at every stage until i went to tribunal. So i think it is partly due to the criteria changing for PIP. I would further add that as i pointed out to my MP (who sent her personal secretary to my PIP assessment due to the horrendous errors documented by my DLA application and eventual reward) that having had my PIP assessment and having been diagnosed with an an advanced chronic accute and incurrable degenerative disease what was the point in doing it all again?, and what is the point in doing it all again in 2021?. My MP Lucy Allen is putting these points to the DWP minister for an answer.

  • Hope your right Lou I have asked for home assessment xx

  • Should have said mine is esa xx

  • Right about which bit angiesmith50 hun ? xx

  • My fault Lou the chat was regarding pip and you said that they may be doing more home visits to save on renting offices for assessments but I miss took it for esa. Brain fog back today with a fengence. Stressing over my assessment. I've requested home visit and doc has wrote letter too. Cheers xx Angie

  • It actually applies to both hunny.

    I was told by someone that this is what the DWP do.

    My ESA Tribunal was in a Community Hall type place.

    Do you have someone to be there with you when the assessor comes so that they can answer the door for you and take some notes?

    When is it? xx

  • Yes fingers crossed. Just waiting appointment now but have heard it could be months xx

  • Just wanted to say that in my appointment letter it stated that that it could be a physiotherapist that assesses me,I was very lucky I had a very nice nurse for my pip assessment and was awarded enhanced care and standard rate mobility.

    The Doctor who assessed me for ESA was extremely understanding and put me in the support group although with ESA if you receive an occupational pension it's taken into account, I was a nurse for many years and therefore even though I'm in the support group I only receive £99 every fortnight.

  • Im gkad that in a short time these improvements have happened.

  • I really hope that all of you are lucky enough to have the same experience as me during both my PIP and ESA assessments the nurse at the pip assessment and the Dr at the ESA couldn't have been nicer or more understanding, they introduced themselves and were very polite and respectful throughout the assessment.

    I like most of you was very nervous just make sure you take someone with you, hope this helps to allay some of your fears.

  • Really confused as to why I need two types of assessment why can't they do the one I haven't been sent for the esa one yet but they have sent me a booklet which I've put off doing x

  • I know it's a pain attending separate assessments I don't understand why they can't use the same information for the two either.

    It is a real pain compleating that booklet but when you start it you will be relieved, if you don't send it back they will stop your money.

    They were 7 months overdue giving me an assessment but at least the money was back dated.

  • 7 months?? Awf. I have worked all my life and find this making an unbearable illness even worse. Constantly worrying about health and money matters it's terrible

  • I know what you mean it's awful I have worked all my life too and feel I'm being penalised for it with my benefits being greatly reduced due to me paying into my occupational pension all these years, whereby if I had never worked and payed my dues I would have full benefits.

  • I agree. Just done pip now esa. Surely it would save money to use info on form and pip info x

  • Morning

    Yes I think it's normal to have only one person, when I had mine last year it was only one.

    And as for making it difficult to get in, seems to be there game. When I had mine the room was the furthest room away much further than I could really manage its not right.

    Try not to worry it's done, and in a couple of weeks you should know fingers crossed for you.

    Trace xxx

  • Thanks how did you get on

  • Hi there

    PIP and ESA assessments are done by one person.

    They are only ever recorded if you specifically ask for it to be recorded and in those circumstances you have to provide the recording devices yourself and hand one copy of it to the assessors at the end of the assessment.

    They always use buildings with steps or use offices on the first floor.

    Tribunals are usually done by 3 people but at mine I only had 2 as one of them was off sick!!

    I hope this helps.

    Lu x


  • Thanks

  • Hi maureen I hope all goes well. I'm also curious as to why it was in a physio office. Can i ask if it was in central Scotland at all? The reason I'm asking is that my local physio appeared on a list for interview buildings and I was actuallysurprised to see it there. As there is also a step and they had to provide a ramp for me too to attend physio.

  • No Merseyside my sister carried on about it as surely the ramp should have been in stitu

  • Hi Sweetfa22

    I am pretty sure that you will find that it's irrelevant where you have your assessment done.

    The DWP were massively behind on claims.

    The DWP have to rent offices to do the assessments in so I wouldn't worry too much about the actual venue of the assessment.

    Lu xx

  • Hi Maureen, yes I just had 1 Nurse interview me,She was very nice.Did not record anything just putting all my answers to her questions on the computer as I answered them.Try not to worry as I got the full enhancment for care and mobility.Good luck.

  • Thanks

  • I had a home assessment by a nurse- it's always just one person. I'm lucky enough to have access to a benefits expert in the support group I'm part of who has approved recording equipment and I was able to make use of it for my assessment. Usually the assessors are thrown when you tell them it's be recorded and even more thrown when you have the correct equipment!

  • Hi there please don't panick there is only ever one person unless you go to an appeal. If you wanted it recorded you could have done but only if you bought all the equipment and told them,it is not automatically recorded. I hope I have helped you a bit. Now breath and relax.😊

  • Hi you only get 3 in court when it has gone to a tribunal, I think the fact your sister is a physio and she wiped the floor with them will make a difference, things are a lot better since my first attempt 3 years ago , hopefully you will be ok ,


    Chris xx


  • HI Amy17088036

    Please try not to panic. Get in touch with Janet our Benefits Adviser and ask her for some guidance. Here are all of her contact details. The number is a freephone number so you wont have to pay for the call :


    Secondly Google for a Disability Advocate to help you. There are Charities that are set up especially to help people like us.

    There is also Turn2Us and Welfare Rights.

    As a general rule, the DWP do not contact anyone's GP. It is down to us to ask our GP to write us a letter explaining how our condition affects us.

    It usually costs around £25 for the letter.

    If you need any further help, please let me know.

    There is help out there. You just need to find it.

    Sending you a gentle hug.

    Lu xx


  • Awful I really feel for you x X I'm sick of worrying x

  • hi amy appeal against it and if that fails take it to a tribuneral .i had my desicion i got standered daily living and nothibg for mobility i am dependant on my car and i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks dont go out unaided always with someone im in constant pain from the offset to walk i have fibro and dont think they contacted my dr either but i go see dr friday im appealing .hope u get a good outcome on yours xxx

  • The DWP rarely contact anyones GP.

    It is down to the person claiming to provide all their evidence.

    Lu x

  • Hi Amy17088036 I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with getting your mobility component back, please take care of yourself my friend.

  • only saw one person. i arranged for a chair with arms but not provided. I asked where it was then, he opened a door and there is was. He was trying to catch me out.

  • I felt that way about the ramp

  • Yes

  • I was only one during the interview. I got the most stupidest answer on why I did not get PIP. They could see I had difficulties, but as I have disability pension from Sweden they could not award me with PIP... but I complained and are assed again the 8/12.

  • Hi izzy it's a shame the way people are treated😡

  • Hi Maureen, can I ask where your assessment took place because I have my PIP assessment next week and it also says it's at a Physiotherapy office, in Essex (not helpful when I live in Kent!!) Many thanks, Alex.

  • Ignore that Maureen, was having a Fibro moment and realised I misread it!! Good luck with your outcome!

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