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In reply to all about my daughter xxxx

Hiya I would just like to say a very big thankyou to all who commented on my post about my daughter n(dermatomyositis) I have finally got her a appointment for next wed, The comments you all made actually made me cry!!! but in a good way - Thankyou for the advice and for being so caring and your support- just wish I could meet you all lol she like me has been in a lot of pain n not sleeping - think we should have a slumber party - without the slumber!! will let you know when she has seen the doctor big soft fluffy hugs to all xxxx

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HI, Hope all goes well for your daughter next week. If your daughter wouldnt mind you going in with her it might be an idea so you can emphasis what she says too. Just to make sure the doc takes her seriously.

Let us know how she gets on.

Take Care

Jo xx


Thankyou Jo, yeah I will be going in with her she's still mummys baby at heart lol, we are very close as mother n daughter n she is a truly wonderful girl despite her tantrums sometimes hehehe - The doctors before havent done anything for her really so I am going to go in n not let them tell me that nothings wrong because as you know there obviously is - she has blood tests for dermatomyositis but usually comes back clear - when she was younger they diagnosed it properly from an mri, but dont think they will do another one - anyway thankyou so much hope you are ok n lots of hugs will keep you posted xxxx


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