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A New Start for my daughter

Well tomorrow my daughter starts at college on her hairdressing course - so want to wish her all the best - I am so proud of her with all she has been through in life - all of the deaths we had and also dealing with her illnesses, even now she has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

She has so much determination and even achieved going into a higher level with her gcse results! and considering she practically missed nearly two years of school due to her illnesses it's really good - I have to go back to doctors as have now got a trapped nerve in my back don't know what they will do now as had it for years n has been really bad lately but I'm still plodding on lol - lovely to hear from n about all of you.

Big soft fluffy hugs to you all xxxxxx

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All the best to both you and your daughter xxx


Many congrats to your daughter you must be very very proud.shes done amazing.

Best of luck to you. And her.


Love too you both, anythings possible eh?

Nicki xxxxxx


Thank you , she's going to use me as a guinea pig so will probably have multicoloured hair by the time shes finished!!!!


Lovely news ~ every good wish to you both! :-) :-)


Oh not that she is using you as a guniea pig (I had had the page open for a while & not seen the comments LOL) just happy for you generally!! He he he. :-D Enjoy your multi-coloured hair...;-)


wishing her all the best,

tell her not to go & find stripey paint; a rubber hammer or go for a long stand!

remember to post a pic of your rainbow hair!

regards, sandra


Wishing your daughter all the very best! :)


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