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so angry

some people, I was packing my shopping away , when a lady behind me started tutting about how slow I was, my legs are like jelly my fingers wont work, then I card out, she then started shouting at me, saying she had a broken toe, I apologised politly 3 times, but no she kept on, so Im sorry to say I flipped, I told her every illness Ive got, and how I was it was only a broken toe,the poor young lad serving looked amazed, and later apologised for her behaviuor, which she didnt seem to think she didnt need to,

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Hi Lally, Some people are just always in a hurry. Im with you i would have flipped out too and probably went even slower!!!!!!

People just dont get it as we all "look well" so there cant be any thing worng with us.

Have a cuppa and chill out and try n not think too much about it and get yourself stressed.

Take Care

Jo xx


Hi Lally

I am so sorry for what has happened to you-some people are so impatient. I am really glad that you told her and I hope she thinks about what she did and that she wont do it again.

Please try and chill out and do something nice for yourself.

Take care

Sue xx


I now dont look well, I look awful today,Im going to be disabled for life so good help those who are abusive to me and others, along with this illness Ive now got a temper


I think I may have been tempted to 'accidentally' stand on her poor broken toe..


ooohhhhh my kind of thinking lol

jan x


me too! at my weight, she'd have really had summat to complain about lol


i think you should've broken the rest of her flippin toes!!!, last year i dragged myself on my mobility scooter down to the chemist to get my prescription, when i was acosted basically by a woman i had never seen before(or since) she didn't know what was wrong with me because she asked but was not interested in my response she then went on to say she sympathised with me also as she was in great pain with a problem, (still just trying to get past her to open the chemist door at that stage) she then went on to say it was a ingrowing toe nail, then she said i'm sorry lovey it was nice to talk to you but i can't listen to your problems i really must go i have lots to do then got in her car!!!! i was absolutely dumbfounded i was speechless ( which is something i never usually suffer from!!) i could not believe it i told one of the women i know who works in the chemist ,she was wettting herself laughing at that point i was too, now when i go to the chemist if i see the lady who works there,she always says"come in the coasts clear!!!

by the way lally,the young man shoudn't have had to apologise it should have been the woman (hey heres a thought if she was that rude perhaps she works for atos!!!!)


Hi Lally glad you gave her what for, like you i take ages packing bags as i keep droping things. Again a case of hidden symptons just cause we look ok on the outside we must be fine. Loved Jezobelle & electricjaws said lol. soft hugs Marg xx


If anyone starts tutting me Lally,I turn and in a loud voice ask if they are having problems with their dentures.And then give them a name for pile cream.

Works every time.

Hugs Jayne-Marie xxxxxx


rflmao!!!! good one!!


Hi lally,

well the rudeness of some people is beyond belief, but such is life. they're so full of themselves they don't see anything else, i often drop things due to vision problems and fingers not refusing to obey i've never had a knife through my foot is beyond me....just let one person say something and they'll get both barrels lol.

a little saying to cheer you up i hope,

Thought for the day.....Genius may have its limitations......stupidity however, is not thus handicapped... xx

true true and true again,

hoe you're ok

take care

Jan xx


Hey Lally, gentle hugs.

I had a very similar experiences in a large supermarket a few weeks ago - only it was the guy serving me and his "cheer leader" assistant (she was there on a charity fund raiser) - Who were being rude. Though I did not see them - my daughter did - they were exchanging looks over my head and rolling their eyes and feigning boredom. So my daughter ripped into them and let them know what was what with my illnesses and said they should be very ashamed of themselves and count their blessings that they are not in my position. They could not apologise fast enough - nor could the girl offer to help pack my groceries fast enough - Sadly, it's how most younger - and many older, people are these days. I hope they think twice next time they have someone my age (50) - or younger - or not quite a pensioner - to not judge a book by it's cover. Crikey, even some old timers are more spritely at 90 - than I was 10 years ago!! :-O


Carol xx


Hi Lally, I had a similar experience when I was out to lunch with my hubby the other weekend. We were queueing waiting to pay for our meals and drinks on two trays, I was having one of those Fibro foggy days when everything seemed an epic even queueing, when I realised I had a tray with someone else's meal firmly planted on my bottom from behind. The idea being that I was taking too long to catch up with hubby who was getting our drinks further along. It suddenly dawned on me why the tray was where it was, so I took root and didn't move only to find the tray being shoved at my derriere again! I turned round to face the woman's glare and told her that I didn't feel well, that my legs hurt etc etc., she swore at me and took a pace backwards in the queue. I think the problem was that for all intents and purposes I look "normal", my hair was done, make-up in place, no sign of our invisible illness. It can make life very difficult can't it.

When we eventually got to our table I told hubby what had happened in the queue, he told me I should've brought the matter to his attention and he would have dealt with it. Hmmm, that's one of the reasons I didn't tell him, he'd have blown a gasket lol! At the end of the day the rude woman wasn't worth it! We certainly develop thick skins with Fibro don't we!


you poor love Lally. keep some of the suggestions here in mind for the future :-D

I had a situation at the local garden centre last weekend at the checkout where I'd been waiting a good 5 minutes becos the cashier had walked off without a word and none of the staff had realised.

just as another member of staff finally stepped up to the till, a woman stepped in front of me and told me (didn't ask, mind) that she was sure I wouldn't mind her going before me as she only had the 1 item.

After my jaw clanged back into position, I asked her what made her time more precious than mine, especially as I'd already been kept waiting whereas she'd only just arrived at the checkout? she glared at me but didn't back down. I was only sorry that I didn't have my stick on me at that moment to trip the impatient cow up!


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