Spatial awareness all over the place?

I've lost count of how many times I bump into this a 'normal' part of fibro? I'm not a large person but my hips seems to find the kitchen doorframe every time i walk through. I keep stubbing my toe or knocking into things. I wouldn't mind so much but the resulting pain is awful...thought I'd broken my toe the other day and took a few hours for the pain to subside.

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  • I always bump into things, and then want to cry cause it hurts so much and my friends just look at me like a lunatic...

  • I know that feeling!

    At least the sun is shining today...hope you have a good one! take care

  • hi bumble im always stummbing n wobbling my balance is terrible i feel such a fool sometimes .x

  • You're not alone, I constantly walk into the door frames and i don't understand why I do it as i can see the god damn things. I too also stubb my toes on my dining room table as I walk past, it's a wonder I haven't broken mine yet. They have been mega bruised though.

    It sure is a condition of FMS....lets hope nobody does any serious damage,!!


  • I bump into things regularly, the pain is undescribable, one slight knock and I feel as if I have been hit by a sledge-hammer, and yes other guys look at me as if I am crazy....

  • Thanks for a the replies...seems like another of the fibro things we have to live with. Take care everyone

  • Yes, it's right I'm afraid it is a symptom of fibro, I'm worse first thing in the morning and last thing at night when I also loose the ability to speak properly and get very foggy. I am a member of a fibro support group and I think most people get these symptoms. My kids used to call me a wimp when they prodded me and I acted like I'd been punched but now they understand. I also find loud noises, even the sound of kids playing is unbearable and bright light is troublesome too. When I was out today my husband had to catch me three times when my balance went, I hope no-one thought I was drunk.

  • oh loosing the ability to speak is in my top 10, with losing my balance, loud noises, clumsiness, forgetting what i was doing, pain in my hands ,neck , back , hips and feet .

    you are not on your own !

  • Echo Rach1977 completely!!

  • I constantly bang into things, walls, tables, chairs - crack my head on cupboards. Walk into doors, walls etc. Trip over things. Trip up stairs, thankfully not down! I've always been clumsy, but since having Fibro it's become ridiculous. I also see things that aren't there and don't see things that are there, if that makes sense. My perception is shot and so is my balance.

  • Yes am forever bumping into stuff and have the bruises to show for it

  • your not on your own, i bump into everything, i can trip up at the slightest thing, twist my ankles and stub my toes, the joys of fibro... not...... and the brain fog makes it 10 times worse. and the best one of all is i fall up stairs...

  • How about a clumsy Olympics for us all, we'd all win gold. We can't help it and why do my cats always stand on the sore bits on my legs?

    Gentle hugs fibros x

  • What a brilliant idea! Made me laugh just to think about it...trouble is we'd all turn up at the wrong time for the wrong event!

  • Yes, I find it has a lot to do with my fibro-fog.

  • Im even finding driving a night a prob cant judge gaps to drive through flinch as cars come close to my wing mirrors , hit all doors and forget to move when opening doors covered in bruises !

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