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Been Shopping and can still move!!!

I have my beautiful niece (she's 15) staying with me for a few days, my boys adore her and she them. As she lives on a small island, she wanted to go shopping, which I was dreading. My back, legs and feet are really bad at the moment (probably due to the cold and rain) still, off we went, and for the first time ever I went into the mobility place and asked if I could use one of their scooters. Oh my goodness, what a difference. We went into quite a few shops, I was able to keep up with her, I didnt feel the need to rush her so that I could go and sit down, it was a pleasure to be with her, I even went into Tesco to get something for dinner tonight and didnt have to worry about how long the queues were.

When I had to return it, although I was quite stiff, my back was not screaming at me.

I will definately use their services again.

I hope everyone is having a nice relatively pain free day, gentle hugs xx

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Well good for you i for one would have no hesitation in using one of those scooters at the end of the day it meant that you could spend nearly the whole day shopping with your niece and actually enjoy it instead of worrying . i am off to london in may with my parents and partner for 5 days not to rush about just get up and trounce around the sights and museums and i must admt it has crossed my mind to hire a wheel cahair i dont use one at home but the thought of spoiling everyones few days as i cant keep up or am worn out after one day it would be well worhit ithink i may go for it my parents said they will go at my pace all the time but i may not have a pace after 2 days of museums and stuff thanks for that blog thats really made me feel better love to you diddle xxx

go go tinks on your scooter brmmmmmmmmmmmmmm x


you do make me laugh xx

I would definately get a wheelchair or scooter for while you are in London, it is so tiring going for just a day (i think its the hustle and bustle that wears you out even before you do anything) you'll have more enjoyment if your not tired and hurting as much.

I grew up in London and love the place, but it definately tires me out when I have to take my son to hospital there!

I hope you have a fantastic break visiting all the tourist sites xx


i use a stick at mo and will prob need chair eventually, you have made them sound fun rather than a nuisance so perhaps wont dread it when time comes!!

PS did you have one with that really annoying reverse sound on it. its worth having just to get own back on all those peeps that never get out of your way and try to walk through you whilst shopping. hahaxx


Hi snowbell, I was dreading using a scooter as I thought that everyone would stare and I would get embarrased. But today, the pain and tiredness won and I didnt even think about what others would think. I found it so easy to use, it was quite whizzy and no it didnt have an annoying reverse sound on! :-) It did have a horn on it - but I didnt use it and surprisingly I never ran into anyone either!!! lol I never got scooter rage, but then, everyone did move out of my way!!! lol :-)


Glad you had a good day Tinkz, were you a good driver or did you knock anyone over. Not sure I could trust myself if they got in my way patience is not one of my strengths any more.

Diddly, defo go for the chair if you are spending time in London, last time I went I was wiped out for months, infact, I havn't been the same since lol.

Love Angela x


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