Can anyone tell me PLEASE if Atos ring you to make the appointment for your medical does there number show on the phone? I`m a bit worried as have have a couple of callers who will not leave a answer phone message, how the hell can you get to the phone if your so poorly? I`ve heard that they will ring once and if nobody is there to answer then they take it as being fit for work!! HELP Ann x

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  • Hi Ann

    My appointments have all come through the post so have not had that experience as I am sure they will get back in touch. I have a contact number for appointments it is 0800 2888777 so perhaps yoy could ring and ask them.

    Hope you get sorted Sue xx

  • I don't answer the phone if the number is withheld and I've had 5 phone calls in the last week from a withheld number that didn't leave a message.

    I'm waiting on a decision for DLA so if it's them ringing they will just have to write to me . Agoraphobia makes it impossible for me to speak on the phone to people I don't know and they will just have to accept that.

  • I don't do the phone or the door I am sure they write, I keep telling them this and I do seem to get all by post x

  • Hi in my form to fill in was a letter saying if i had'nt heard from them 2 weeks after sending back form to ring them for medical app. Its been nearly a month not heard from them yet and have no intention ringing them. soft hugs xx

  • I'm expecting a medical for dla and esa, I think they are swamped so not going to chase them since I'm getting the money!

    Julie x

  • god that happened to me had a really bad day and was in bed and the phone rang i answered half asleep they asked for me and i said i wasnt in , just couldnt be bothered and put the phone down, the phone rang again so i turned it off, then when i had my medical it was on there form saying my son had answered the phone and said i was out and that when they rang back there was no answer , so they had wrote down that i could get out and about, i was turned down and on my appeal form i told them i was ill that day it was me who answered phone and not son as he was at college that day. they are such big fat liars just waiting for my appeal date now so i can confront them with it x gud luck Paula xx

  • Helen, that is so weird I have a big problem with the phone. I thought it was just me! If the house phone rings I feel panic and just cannot answer it. If I need to make a phone call it takes me hours to pluck the courage up to use it. I feel sick and so stressed. If I can I use text or email. It is making my life so difficult no one understands it.

  • Hi there sadoldred the staff at ATOS call between 8am and 8pm during Mon- Sun 7days in total they use agency staff this is to try and lower the backlog of asscessments. they usually call back a couple of times as they did in my case I could not hear what they were saying so I shouted down the fone that I would contact them. I had to go on line to get the ATOS Tel: Number as the agency number on checking was a" Virtual Company (One") they use these numbers when working late and at weekends mostly when you do eventually get through to the ATOS official office the tell you that they have an appointment for you if this is not suitable for you dont hesitate to let them know and they should offer you an alternative, hope this info helps good luck with the medical etc Gentle Hugs .xxxx Katimaitay

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