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ATOS medical...Thursday...Croydon Anyone had access issues with any ATOS medical centres

Rang them to confirm appointment and explained needed it recorded, I then asked if they have wheelchair ramps and lifts, The answer was NO, how on earth are they supposed to be giving medicals to disabled people, or people with walkling disabilities? This centre was in Croydon. I was thena sked if I could get to Hastings as this medical centre has whellchair access. I asked for an appointment there and then, NO, they will have to reassess and get back to me. WHAT A JOKE!

Basically, if you do not ask the correct questions you will be stuck at the bottom of the building not being able to get to the 1st floor for the medical.

I just hop this does not go against me in anyway, I've heard horror stories that people whi have been in such pain, too much to be touched were put down as refusing to take the meidcal.

ATOS, no humanity or compasion

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hi dizzyduck,

they really does make you wonder and i would complain in the strongest terms to them (in writing) about lack of disabled access, it just beggars belief!! What a good thing you asked, what would have happened if you had not?? If Hasting is too far for you to travel, or will cause difficulties, ask If they will pay for a taxi to get you to a centre where there is suitable access you need or see what alternatives they suggest, , that might focus their attention!! i rather think it's their problem...not yours, although i doubt the idiots will see it that way. Ask to speak to the head honcho if need be.

If you are in a great deal of pain, and the physical examination will cause you more pain and discomfort..tell them that and ask them not to do it, or try and then in no uncertain terms ask them to stop...and make sure they don't put down REFUSED, their favourite trick.

Good luck with getting it very surprised if you do. But hey ho hope springs eternal lol

ATOS, no humanity or compassion.....OR, Atos ...we should all go and take their waters, tfor they have truly miracle working properties, those once disabled are miraculously cured and found fit for work.

hope all goes well for you

Take care

Jan xx


If you look at the small print it says that you should contact atos if the room is not on the ground floor.mine was on 6th floor so I wouldn't be safe in case of a fire because you can't use the lift.I rang and told Atos this and my Gp faxed a letter to them and now my assessment is in my home.Be sure to check that the Dr assessing you knows about fibro and be warned the person who answers the phone may be evasive as I found!


Tell your MP...they have to have access under the health and safety act....there are numerous ones across the country that also have no wheelchair access and no lifts..deliberately of course...complain in writing to them and copy your MP and ask him to ask them why they've no access.....


i am wonder why Atos doing like that to us we are disable human.


had my medical in this had disabled access, the front desk people from ATOS were rude and abrupt. The Doctor was very nice and I have my recording on disc. He said I can see that you are in pain so I will not ask to poke and prod you, I was a bit worried about him not physically checking me, he did say I will not be penalised for this. Now for the waiting game.


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