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Atos Assessments

Why do some people have to have them and some not, i left work at the same time as another woman, been on ESA for a year and she has been put in a support group, while i have to go for an assessment, we both have arthritis, she has it in her knees, while i have it in my hips , hands, and feet, the system is totally unfair, her money has doubled and she also has a private pension of £200 a month while i struggle on £56 a week and then i have to wait for the answer, what if they say i am fit for work, im 60, would just like to have retired but i now have to wait till i am 66 for my pension, this Government has a lot to answer for, not happy at all.

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Hi Angel, I don't know if it would help but do you have an medical reports from your GP which could help your case? if I remember you can ask for a medical report. It could be she has been advised somewhere down the line, to do this, to help her case.

Also ask to be referred to a pain management consultant - keep every scrap of paper you get given to use as part of the assessment process - remember if your not happy with ESA's decisions you can challenge it.


Hi there so sorry to hear what your going through I've been trying for my claim for many years and only this year I finally got my claim with them with no interview. But like Muckster does say, that medical evidence is two thirds of your claim the rest is their assessment. The only reason I can think of that I can think why they didn't ask me in for interview is because my cognitive is really lousy and wouldn't interview well but to be honest its probably to do with my doctors support. If this is any help, any time your have consistent symptoms that change your life and the way things are done then please go see your doctor and let him or her know so they can give you the right level of care and also it gets evidenced. At first ok I had fibro and symptoms but could work part time then I started passing out with exhaustion and still do today I gave up my licence and all the good things in life. Im unsafe for my granddaughter to be unsupported with and to be honest ESA sucks but I have to live the life that im left with. I only hope your not giving up before your time and if not then I hope you find a successful claim. Because as I know the expectations of employers when not able to meet is demoralising and leaving one very vulnerable unnecessarily. So good luck and please get to know your illness and know the symptoms properly so that you can put on record and also get the right level of care. Fibro Friend


You are spot on. They do. There is no system. That's the point!

I have never understood why the 'ministers' of areas withing the Gov are just random people. I know it would be difficult to do but in my opinion the MPs in charge of areas should have either come from those areas or at the very least have exp in those areas. Eg. Sec of education been a teacher, health minister been a nurse and so on (so at least they KNOW.) They know the hours of work involved. The pressures, the poor conditions and pay.

This would give them an insight into the difficulties people suffer.

There is only room for bankers and people who make them richer.

Please try not to worry about the ridiculous company appointed by idiots who make the decision whether or not you are fit for work. I know it is hard but by the time they get to see you, assess you and get the paperwork sorted they will know you are in the retirement stages so it makes it pointless to send you back. Especially as you have the right to appeal so it wont be worth their paperwork.

Please try to stay calm. Easy said I know but worrying makes fibro worse.

Sending a smile :-)

Em x


Hi there, I have just joined this group, and also had an disappointing call from DWP. I have been bullied at work and forced out the organisation. I'm education and have been working for almost 19 years with vulnerable children and their families. Due to the trauma of my experience, I have become a recluse, find social situations very stressful. I'm on a high dosage of anti depressants, sleeping pills and anti anxiety meds.. I have been receiving contribution based esa. However following my assessment, because I can get showered and make some toast I am well enough to work. This is the first time I have ever depended on the the system , and don't intend to be on it forever just right now I'm struggling. Going to the job centre has not been helpful as the nice gentleman( not) told me that I have to get any job as I can't be expected for taxpayers to pay me yo stay at home. I have contributed to the economy for a long time and really disappointed by the outcome of assessment and response of staff at job centre

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Yes I agree the system is unfair. I was on ESA and 59 when I was finished from a job I loved due to my ill health. When it came up for renewal and I was turned down that time even though I was twice as bad by then as I had been when I made my first successful application I decided not to appeal as I was only 5 months away from official retirement age when ESA would have been stopped in any case. I was willing to go to the Appeal Tribunal but my husband who has had mental health problems had to attend two tribunals and found the experience so devastating that he begged me not to do it and wait for my retirement pension and we would use up some more of our savings instead. When I was turned down the second time for DLA (I did get it on reconsideration) I was unoffically told by someone I spoke to that not going to the Tribunal had gone against me as it would appear that I did not think I had a good enoughcase! When I explained why I had not done it they emphathised but said the assessors didn;t know that so just went on how it looked at face value. Do do as the others say and get the support of your GP if you can and make sure that if they say they have based a decision on GP's reports, etc they actually have done this and ask to see these reports. When I was turned down they said they had based it on my form and GP's report and when I asked to see them they couldn't produce a GP's report because in fact he had forgotten to send one well of course I was in a win win situation with them if they had decided to turn me down and I had gone to tribunal. As we found out the thing that tribunals hate is incompetence by the DWP or people under contract to them like ATOS. my GP did a report and I was given DLA.


Hi angelm54

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you have to undergo an assessment. Unfortunately the criteria are very strict for what qualifies a person for a benefit, so if your GP and other Medical Specialists do not forward adequate information to forgo an assessment then you will be visited (or have to go to them) and undergo the procedure.

I have pasted you a link to the ATOS website pertaining to ESA

I want to wish you all the best of luck with ascertaining your ESA, and please let us all know how you get on?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I am sorry to say most of the decisions are based on how you have filled the form in! Plus what medical evidence that you have to accompany this. Most GP's if they are on your side will write a letter but they will also charge you around £35.00 to do this! If ever you go to a consultant ask for the GP letter to be cc'd to you and it will cost you nothing. Any claim with DWP should first mean a visit to CAB or Age UK for extra help.

Be Well


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