I feel a need to share this....i am going to a new dr that told me herh story...she all of a sudden got fatigue tired muscle aches hair loss skin issues you name it and kept getting worse....she went to one dr after another and each wanted to label it and give her pills but she said she knew there had to be a cause but everyone brushed that off so she went back to school to add a naturpath license to her MD license and MOLD kept coming up with so many symptoms so she checked for mold at her home calling in a mold removal company that come to your house and check moisture levels etc and she was shocked. they found it in her walls of her home and although she couldnt see it , she as sick as a dog already diagnose with auto immune and RA etc and could barely walk......it is also common to find it in air ducts and heat /air units etc bathroom , etc......long story short...she is completely well now and wonders how many are misdiagnosed....they are a list of many systems you can google and everyone doesnt have all of them and also sometimes one person is highly sensitive to it so a husband may be fine and the wife deathly ill ...etc....like in her case ....the list of systems are auto immune, sinus, ear ringing, aches and pains, hair loss thinning, sudden weight gain or loss, headaches, GOOGLE THE LIST.....and everyone please look for mold or check our your homes closely...i was shocked we found it in our ductwork...the a/c unit was pulling the moisture out of the air properly

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  • Hi jacrjacr

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us all. I was personally aware of this as I am a life long asthmatic and suffer with COPD, and I use certain moulds and fungi in my gardening to help roots grow.

    I have pasted below a link and some interesting excerpts relating to this issue. The most common sufferers of this are asthmatics and people with Cystic Fibrosis but it can affect anyone as you have quite rightly pointed out:


    *Great Ormond Street Hospital

    *The symptoms of ABPA include:

    a high temperature.

    shortness of breath and wheezing.

    extreme tiredness.

    a cough that brings up mucus,

    haemoptysis (coughing up blood)

    a general sense of feeling unwell.


    NHS Choices - Can damp and mould affect my health?



    **Google Search

    **Top Symptoms Associated with Mold-Associated Illness:

    Fatigue and weakness.

    Headache, light sensitivity.

    Poor memory, difficult word finding.

    Difficulty concentration.

    Morning stiffness, joint pain.

    Unusual skin sensations, tingling and numbness.

    Shortness of breath, sinus congestion or chronic cough.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Ken,

    Do you take steroids for your COPD? It's a genuine question, I'm not being nosy, just would like the opportunity to help.

    I know we're here for fibro issues but, what the hell. I've set out to save the world, but I'll settle for just helping.


  • Hi gemmagusjessmika Thank you so much for asking, I do take 10mg of Prednisolone daily (a maintenance dose) for my asthma as I have a fixed airway. However, they are no prescribed for my COPD. Whenever my chest gets really bad I then go up to 40mg of steroid a day for a week.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Ken,

    One of my hopes and dreams would be to make you feel better.

    Not sure if you believe in, or have tried homeopathy and I know I'm not able to send remedies, or pass on or receive personal information from members, but if you'd like to give it a go I'm sure, you'd benefit from Arsenicum Album. The potency would need to be 30c and my advice would be to take three tablets a day until you feel they are giving you even the slightest relief, then take one a day.

    They are very inexpensive, but you could start by buying the smallest amount. I get all my remedies from Homeoforce. They are based in the Channel Islands and its a husband and wife team who have been homeopaths and supplying homeopathic remedies for years.

    I used to deal with Ainsworths but they are more expensive and not so prompt, or personally helpful.

    If you have other ailments, please let me know before you order. Obviously you don't want to order one thing at a time and incur delivery charges every time. I can research and see what else would benefit you.

    Arsenicum is used for Asthma sufferers (anything bronchial really) and I treated a man for a little over a year with chronic COPD. He was about to sell his pet food shop that he'd run for years because he struggled to breathe, couldn't walk more than a few yards without holding onto something and coughing up blood. Lots of pain.

    After 3 weeks of taking Arsenicum, he was feeling a lot better. He started walking his dogs again and at the end of the year, was walking them 5 miles to work, working all day and walking them home again.

    He paid me £5.00 for a three month supply after the initial 'freebie' to make sure it worked. I didn't even want the £5.00, just wanted to know he was feeling better.

    So, I would like to help you now - and anyone else that comes along.

    The smallest size of remedies is 8 grams at £3.50. I'd suggest purchasing the 14 grams of tablets for £5.35.

    Read up on it first and look into the Homeoforce website, but my research is free, I understand the remedies and have been into Homeopathy for well over 20 years. It works.

    There are ways to take it, its best if the remedy isn't touched, but rather tipped onto a clean spoon then dropped under your tongue to dissolve. Touching them can decrease their potency, but if you go ahead, I can give you all the do's and don't's, before you order.

    They are perfectly safe and natural and can be taken alongside conventional medicines so, nothing to concern you. They are also safer than herbal medicines, no side effects.

    They are however slightly less effective if taken with steroids, but I've even got people and dogs off steroids for various ailments.

    For those frightened to come off steroids completely, the dosage, at the very least, can be decreased and will be when there's an improvement.

    I really do only want to help. It's amazing how much better it makes me feel.

    Kind regards


  • Thank you my friend, that is genuinely appreciated. I have never personally tried homeopathy myself but I have a friend that uses it whenever she is unwell. I have had my steroids reduced recently after I complained about them giving me oedema, as I have enough problems walking as it is.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Ken this is typical of the problem here, the previous tenant I learned died form bronchial pneumonia! he had COPD... My sons coughs up the most horrible mucus, he has been given a steroid inhaler, he had asthma as a child which has never bothered him until we came here. I have had my gp confirm this too.

  • Hi caz-54 That is really awful! This should definitely be seen too? I sincerely hope that your son is not too poorly as a result? I have had several conversations about this issue with my specialist and she says that just because I now live in a new build property doesn't mean it will not develop later down the line as I have air conditioning and built in electric ventilation.

    Please take care my friend


  • I've researched this and believe it to be mycotoxicosis. There is a urine test that can be carried out but they don't do it in the UK (apparently), I have looked into all my symptoms and think it may be attributed to mold/damp conditions. I mentioned it to the doctor who promptly poo poo'd it!

    The test is quite commonly carried out in America so, I'll keep going to different doctors until someone takes me seriously.

    The symptoms are almost identical to fibromyalgia, which made me research it in the first place.


  • yes I.ve got a problem with mould/rising damp! Numerous versions of cause! I am waiting for environmental health visit at month end, I,ve had repairs, redecorating, new skirting boards, dehumidifier,, it goes on and on, and the problem is still occuring in one corner on an outside wall in my sons bedroom, on the same wall we had to dismantle a wardrobe with wet soggy clothes in, and the rear of the wardrobe had rotted,, they try to tell me I don't air the room enough,, for 6 months window open all day in all weather, door open, has sorted out nothing.. we have a very old oak tree growing in the garden and the roots are under my flat-the floors had been pushed up before I moved in! yet still the housing refuse the cut it down, cut it back or even acknowledge its the problem... I will let you know, meanwhile my son had to endure endless chest infections, time off work, and at the last straw I called the doctor out as his breathing was difficult, he has whitnessed our dilemma!

  • Hi everyone, I have also wondered if it could have been mold that started my fibro, I slept in very damp conditions from birth until I got married at 21 and got our own place, I mean the worst ugly mold that was ringing wet walls, thick black mold on three of the walls, it stunk, ice on the insides of the windows, mold on the curtains, I slept in these freezing cold conditions for twenty years, no wonder my health is very poor, yes I'm really angry how it was let to happen but can't turn back the clock, just got to suffer my way through every single painful day, I was cold constantly, when I look back I wonder how I survived it, I was in constant pain all over my body for has long as I can remember, and had severe flu every year.

  • Hi LanyBaby I just wanted to genuinely wish you all the best of luck my friend.

  • I suffered from a ton of lung problems moved out of my rental and while moving discovered mold on everything from clothes in the back of my closet to my mattresses having mold on them. You can keep a clean house, and then be shocked by mold covering things curtains furniture linen closets. Until I moved I really didn't realise how bad it was!!!

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