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Got my blue badge this week, first thing I've ever applied for in relation to my 'condition'. I feel like a cheat using the disabled bays.....people looking at you as if to say...'oh yeh whats up with you then?'. Ridiculously the first couple of times I used it I made a conscious effort to emphasize how bad my walking was.....crazy!!!

hope you've all had a good day

xx Jax :)

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  • it does become a godsend & a freedom to still be able to get out & about!! enjoy the benefits it gives you xx

  • im still waiting to hear about mine, i hope they say yah or nah soon, can i ask how long it took for them to let you know jax oh an well done on getting one xx

    sasha xx

  • Do you have to be on a Disability Benefit to get one??? Would help me out so much!!

    Vicki xxxx

  • no :)

  • no..i dont get any kind of benefit but ive got one xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Jax, brilliant news. Ignore all those that stare at you when you park, at least you have the badge for a genuine reason. Take care, love Angela xx

  • Thanks everyone, I will get used to it. Hi Hilly it only took about 3 weeks. They did not contact my GP or anything, I was surprised. Vixen I don't claim any benefits, I'm still trying to work.

    take care Jaxxxx

  • Fantastic :) thanks Jax :) will get a form 1st thing!!!!


  • I have a sports car, we only use it in the summer, my husband parked near a bench whilst he went and got me some chips, i sat and waited, two older couples walked passed my car, they looked in the window of the car " how can you drive this car if your disabled", Little did they know it was mine, i replied to there comment " what the hell has it got to do with you", i told them about my heart condition very briefly, didn't bother about all the other problems, they never said a word, just put there heads down and walked away, jealousy and ignorance, never worry about any body else xx

  • Ignorant Coops thats all I can say x take care xx

  • yes bb is a godsend...dont feel guilty we have enough 2 worry about!!!!!luv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Vixen you can apply on line through your local council web site, thats what I did, good luck.

    yes your right Shopaholic, I will get there. I've always been so head strong and at times ignorant of my illnesses so I feel like I'm giving in x


  • Thats great news jax. :)

    I would be the same as you if i had one too, mind you i think people can tell when i walk that its so hard to do it. You use it hun, you need it and try not to let other people bother you.

    hugs, kel xxx

  • i am awaiting my brain scan then going to ask my doctors to help me with getting a badge as its getting harder walking anywhere..i still cannot sink in how i have become! but all the ppl i knew knnown me as some one who 'runs around' now i potter around leaning on a trolley or holding my hubbys arm..

    i am hoping with fibro or the bhms i can safely be told i am entitled because i suffer !! you have no need to emphasise let ppl look!! i had an anty with bad feet and once parked in a bay which there was only a child space ..some woman shouted across from another bit F***ng big for a child ...i was like eh never thought at first..but where else we supposed to park she had a disability! she no longer here no more as passed in her early 50's which now makes me furious how the public can re act ! so judgemental!! xxxxxx xx fluffly huggles to you xxx

  • thanks Fairycazzie, on the application they are mainly interested in how far you can walk. I emphasize that I can walk but I'm in Pain all the time in my legs when walking.

    Good luck hope everything works OK for you xxx

  • i have a blue badge and can completely relate to the looks that i receive when i get out of my car....not everybody with a blue badge has a visible disability. i went to collect my son from his secondary school when a parent came up to me and asked why i was parked in the disabled bay as he was there to collect his daughter who is in a wheelchair. told him about fibro and he apologised...i had to tell him that he shouldnt assume that all blue badge holders have wheelchairs. badge is a godsend though for those really bad days...on good days i dont use it! (so thats not very often!)

  • hi i have the same ttoo i sailed passed a queue of cars on tues they were waiting to get in a car park bu there are 3 disabled bays just at the entrance so past all the cars i go they can t stare at me any harder thay are talking to their partners you can see them saying look at her she thinks she can apark thter look she has got to have badge then they see the badge and they start to say why has she got that look nothing wrong with her lol and off they go i am still waiying for someone to challenge me and i may be 5ft 4 tall and 7 stone but i think they will be surprised when i get going i am not a mouthy person or a loud person but i will say what i believe in love to you diddle x

  • Well that's the issue we all have. Even with work collegues, when they cannot SEE that you are in pain. If we shuffled along with bandages like zombies maybe they would leave us all alone.

    You derserve it.

  • hmmm i totaly relate to above comments.even with my wheelchair in the car people stare like why is she parked there,even when i get out with walking stick!i dare anyone to say anything cos they would get Told!also stare when im in the w.chair!i blame the PM cos he is telling the world benifits are scroungers!yeah some are but get the facts right first eh?anyways if you have a badge use it,you deserve it cos of the pain&suffering,hugs to all xxx

  • Hi hun

    Pleased you got the badge. I know what you mean about people looking at you as i have had same experience. it has made a huge difference to my life and independance. You dont just get badge, there is a degree of hoop jumping involved so don't feel guilty. For me one of the best parts of disabled bays is the extra space in the parking bays. My mobility is quite poor in terms of actually getting in and out of my car and the times I came back to my car in a normal space and couldn't physically get in the car because of the way the muppet next to me has parked!!!! Did you know you can probably get a disabled persons free bus pass as you have been awarded the blue badge. Check your local council website.

  • cheers guys for all you comments it seems we are all in a very exclusive club. What we need to do is stick together and support each other just as we are doing now, love to you all....gentle hugs...sleep well!!!

    jax :)

  • It takes a while to get used to - I've had mine nearly three years and it really has been a Godsend.

    Yesterday, somebody was waiting to park in the local car park, but there were only disabled spaces available.

    As I overtook him to approach these spaces he shouted very loudly "Oi!" and then hooted loud and long - very rudely.

    It did upset me , but I ignored him, parked in the disabled space and displayed my blue badge.

    Then I slowly got out of the car with my stick and limped slowly past him. He held up his hand to say sorry and I just nodded in acknowledgement and carried on limping (I was in a lot of pain, so no need to pretend).

    At least he apologised - sort of - but I wasn't going to engage in conversation with him.

    I just hope I have pricked his conscience a bit and he won't act so hastily when he next comes across a disabled person.

    Enjoy the blue badge - at first I felt like it was a symbol of everything that was wrong with me, but it has helped me no end and I don't feel that way any more.

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