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TOLD YOU LOL !!!!!!!!

Well i didnt need a crystal bll to tell you the sort of night i was going to have lol!!!! as predicted i didnt sleep no more than 1/3 hours could not get comfy and was up at least twice for the loo and then i got up at 3.45 nice !!!!!

i domt know i often wonder is it really worth me going to bed ??????

well the answer is no to be honest but idont want to start laying on the sofa downstairs as i think that would be a bas move , i suppose i am resting better on or in the bed even if i am not asleep?!

love to you all diddle x

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That is me too Diddle, I keep having sleepless nights wondering what it is all about ? if it is not the fibro , it is constantly I just cant sleep. The Dopctor said to play with my dosage of Amitiptiline. I do , and nothing seems too work, I am awake more nights than I sleep. I just want to give up! shall I ever get my normal sleep?

At least we have lovely sunshine this morning. I hope that you sleep tonight?

Best sleepy wishes from me, too every one with this sleep deprivation. Have a good day and sleep well in your bed's. suzyfibro. Gentle Hug's. xxxx


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