sorry I have probably spelt that wrong, My question is does anybody else suffer from post nasal drip, I am having bad trouble, when I can actually get to sleep, I wake up feeling as if I am drowning in it (sorry) and can hardly breath. I have read on line that It can be a problem for people with muscular problems, and I also have trouble swallowing. Also any Idea which antihistamines can be taken with pramipexole? Thanks, Cazx

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  • of course! I should have thought of that, my brain keeps going AWOL thanks for answering Cazx

  • Try a product by New Era for catarh and sinus probs. Wont interfere with anything you take. If it doesnt work try giving up ALL dairy products. Pain in the butt, but dairy produces mucus. I have tried these myself so I know they help. Good luck xx

  • I will give it a go thanks Cazx

  • ive had this problem for yrs never thought it was linked, its awful I even choke on mine

  • I cant remember which site I read it on, will let you know if I find it again, I googled post nasal drip, and it was on the first page somewhere. I suppose it does make sense when you think about it, They did not give much info about what to do other than sleep propped up which I cannot do because of all my back probs, but perhaps it could help you? good luck Cazx

  • I have noticed that a lot of us have allergies which can cause post nasal drip and it probably is mentioned in some places as a possible symptom of fibro. As for treatment Caz, it sounds as if your problems are fairly complex and I would support what paradise says about checking with your pharmacist and have a word with you GP or specialist next time you see them.


  • Thank you, I will follow this advice, I used to get hay fever badly but not since I started drinking redbush tea. Pity its not working for this! Caz

  • Hi Cazbaz, thanks for your message. I have perennial rhinitis, which basically means I have a runny nose all year round. I have a history of sinus problems too, I've had three nose operations and two ear operations too. It hasn't got any worse since I've had Fibro so I don't think it's connected in my case. One thing I do have is a constantly dry mouth and throat and this affects my swallowing. A cup of tea usually does the trick. I think the dry mouth and throat and swallowing are Fibro related.

    Please either speak to your Doctor or your local Pharmacist before taking and tablets to make sure they are compatible with your current meds. Take care :) :)

  • thanks Libbyde, I will check,before taking meds. I used to spend my days telling people that, before my accident, when I was running a health shop. Thats irony isn't it. I don't get a runny nose, Its at the back of my throat and chest where it builds up. I can't get out at the mo, but I will call my pharmacist on monday, they are very helpful, and will tell me to go to the Doc if they think i should, I do find drinking water is helpful, I may just call the Doc any way because my chest is getting quite painful, could be an infection now I suppose, that has only started tonight, and They do a ring back service. take care Cazx

  • Hi Cabaz,

    I have bad post nasal drip, to the extent of choking on it, often. I have sinusitis, and allergic rhinitis, but my nose doesn't run, it all blocks up, even hay fever time my nose is almost always blocked, but running down the back of my throat. I had surgery for my sinus' not very successful, was a bit better for about 2 years, but wouldn't have it again. I use Beconase nasal spray all the time, I've used it for many years, and whereas it helps, it doesn't cure. The difficulty swallowing and choking I have too, sometimes it gets quite frightening, as I cannot stop choking, often on nothing as well, but it can go on for several minutes, and I have trouble drawing breath in between. I really don't know how much of this is connected with fibro, but I have read that they are all symptoms of it, it's just how much you can blame one illness for? I often put the choking down to the fact I have reflux oeshophogitis,(sp) therefore feel I have a bit of a sensitive throat, due to many years on anti inflammatory's, but who knows what's to blame for what?

  • hi stormylady, I have that choking problem. I badly hurt my wrist banging on my chest. My ent told me the best thing was to relax and not panic - you always have enough oxygen to survive, test this by holding your breath, then blowing gently up your nose will prove it..should the worst happen and you did pass out, the muscles in your throat will relax and you will breathe. I often thinks it is hard catarrh or hard nasal discharge.

  • Thanks for that Sandra, good to know :-) Always a worry mid choking.

  • Hi i have had sinus problems for over a year now my nose is blocked all the time i snor at night because of it its putting a strain on our relationship im seeing a speicalist at the hospital hes as gave me cream to put up my nose but to be honest its making it worse i got to go back in a months time its like ive alway got a bad cold xxxx

  • Hi. l had post nasal drip for years,choking me,all the usual things, like elastic you could actually see in the back of my throat,l started putting Vasaline up my nose with my little finger EVERYDAY,squashed my nostrils together so as the Vasaline got completely on the sides of the inside of my nose and from years of Beconaze and other sprays,its cleared completely,this was years ago,BUT lve done it for years and never ever miss,its part of my morning makeup routine,got just the little tiny tin in my makeup bag and to honest in the last 7 years of doing it,l have only ever had 2 colds where as l used to get alot more before l did this,my sister was the same and hers has gone and its helps stop germs and hayfever from getting up your nose as it cant get past..........makes sense really,worked for us......BUT IT MUSTNT BE MISSED, worth a go, good luck hope it helps.xx

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