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Hi all dont know what is goiung on but have got notification that some of you commented on my blogs yesterday an i went to look but they say -5 or -1 next to them so i cant read your answers as nothing is there lol

perhaps the powers that be have decided i cause too much trouble or something so have let me write a blog but wont let anyone see the answers so sorry to those that answered but i cant see what you have put !!!

i have looked at all the other posts and they are all fine by other members and i can read those lo, love diddle xxx

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How strange not met this before I thought we had moved on Diddle so may be that is why x gins


yeah we have all moved on but those blogs were yesterday morning nothing to do withall thew other stuff lol perhaps i have got a black martk lol and not allowed to blog ha ha love to you enjoy your day it is sooo hpot here already i have just set up mgarden for my grandsond got all the pool out and the toys lovely whata relaxing day by the pool ha hga even though it is a paddling pool !!!!! love to you diddle xx


Can you send me a link to the posts? I haven't a clue why that's happening


hi it my 3 blogs yesterday morning that i put on if you look it says -5 answer -1 answere lol oh well i am now off out withmy doggy so hopefully ill be sortred by time i get back late tonight or sunday morning love to you and thankyou for qyick reply love diddle xxx


I've had a look at the HU Admin community, planning to ask about this but it had already been raised as a bug with the HU platform. They are having a few technical issues right now.


Thanks I was just wondering about this when I clicked on a few blogs and found the replies missing. Now I know my PC isn't going wonky, at least not any more than usual anyway.


No, there are loads of glitches right now sadly.


Hi diddle i got the same thing -3 so no idea really ? as you say is it the powers of beyond that are taking odd posts away who knows ..

well not looked so no idea!!

ohhh well

You enjoy your day Diddle as i off to see my gran as she txt in wk asking for some help (never ever ever asked for help before ) so off to see what is on the list :-)

enjoy th epaddling pool sooo jealous ours bust!!

it was very hot and muggy this mornig early i sat out in it and had cuppa and brekky.

its got breezy and clouded over nowwwww :-( awwwww not fair

xxcazzie xxxx


If by "powers that be" you mean the Admin team, no it's not us. It's a big glitch across the HU platform. I know some responses aren't getting posted but I'm not sure whether comments are actually getting lost or if it's just the comment totals that are wrong.


This also showing minus comments, as are many others at this end ???


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