more good news for me

I have received a letter today from ESA and guess what - I have been accepted into the support group - i also had a query on the letter so i phoned them and they have told me i am in the support group for 2 years before i am re-assessed.

Wow - i wish i could have a glass of champagne only trouble is i dont drink so i will have to celebrate tonight with a hot chocolate.

I am over the moon.

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  • Congrats nice one

    VG x

  • thank you x

  • Yay brilliant news

    Piggie hugs xxxxx

  • thanks x

  • play the lottery!

    I'm delighted for you, what a weight off your mind.

    I love good news!

    can I ask - did you use the benefits & work info?



  • yes i did use the B & W but the biggest thing was to be honest, tell it how it is list ALL the medication you are on and it may help if you use some of the information you put on your DLA application. i was not called for a medical either.

    thanks again Sandra

  • Congratulations

    So very pleased for you

  • Thanks god for good news, I have been reading posts about atos etc and getting very frightened having got mine in a week. Glad to see not all the stories are horror stories x

  • thank you x

  • great thats really good news well done to youxxx

  • thank you x

  • I'm also in the support group but I have to attend a work based interview on 31st. My letter also says I MAY be required to attend a medical (!) It also says they can pay me till the end of November! What happens after that I wonder??

  • from what i can gather with ESA and work they will put people in a support group for 6, 12. 18., 24 and 36 months i would think that after that i think they review the group that people are in although i am not sure. i would think they just review the money you are receiving

    good luck

    belinda x

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