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I am supposed to be living off live mice ?????

I am supposed to be living off live mice ?????

I know this is not fm related but i found it cute....

news flash my cats are living on their kill they are picking up weight and trying to share food with me. wotsit put a freshly killed baby bird next to me the other night to eat.


when i see them indoors with prey i pick ot up with a paper towel and throw it out of the bathroom window, I am convinced after last night that they think i eat them in there.

purrdy came in with her first ever own catch last night a tiny baby nouse. she kept calling me like wotsit used to call her kittens. then she brought it next to my bed and dropped it looking at the mouse then me the mouse then me making weat up noises...... i picked the poor liitle thing up as usual and she promptly swaggered there is no other description for it with her tail held high purring loudly all the way to the bathroom and left me there to eat it.

then when i got back to bed she jumped on me purring loudly and curled up and went to sleep it was so damn cute.


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Aww love my animals but seriously thought that was a pop at benefits untill I read the whole blog.

Soft hugs xxx



one of our cats kindly dropped a couple of very large wood pigeon feet by my feet I never screamed so loud in my life,we re always finding bits of frogs mice birds etc


Apparently ( I've been reading ! ) cats bring their owners presents of dead mice/ birds etc if they consider their owners aren't looking after themselves properly !

It's been known for cats to start bringing home their kills after a divorce for instance or if there's a new baby in the house.

Perhaps your moggies are trying to tell you they understand you're not well and need looking after !




loli amsure they know i am not well when i cant get out of bed the older cat its on my chest with her pawson my neck and her nose pressed on mine for ages at a time. peta;


Thankyou you made me smile, both the blog and your picture are excellent lol xx


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