Hi all wondering if anyone can help as some of you are aware my daughter had a stay in hospital last week they said it was due to tonsillitis since then be back and forth to hospital with my daughter screaming in pain in tummy had to have orao north takes the edge of pain while we were there it turns out she hasn't got tonsillitis but the problem is her tummy pain feels like nerve pain witch starts in low tummy shoots into upper part of tummy any ideas she also feels really nauseas

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  • Hi Hollie121

    I am sorry but I can't remember whether your daughter has ever been diagnosed with IBS? (Irrritable Bowel Sydrome)?

    It sounds very much like that to me. I suffer with it myself.

    Or it could be that the Oramorph was far too strong for her and perhaps upset her tummy.

    Was she given much of it whilst in hospital? She could be having withdrawal symptoms from stopping taking it so suddenly when coming out of hospital.

    Oramorph is an incredibly strong pain killer (it is an opitate).

    I am not a medical professional but just speaking from my own experiences of what you have written in your post.

    Wishing your daughter well.

    Lu x

  • Yes she has been diagnosed with ibs and acid reflux but says this feels different she only had small does of oral morh twice

  • I have had Fibromyalgia for over 30 years and the only tummy problems I have had have been IBS.

    There are so many things it could be.

    I had a cyst removed from one of my ovaries and also had endometriosis!

    You name it, I seem to have suffered with it.

    Over the 30 years I have been extremely poorly with all sorts of issues. I have had lots of operations and procedures.

    Is it definitely tummy pain? Has she had any other sort of investigations?

    Lu x

  • She did have a ultra sound scan tiny cyst found on right ovarie but they said it is probably because she's in middle of her cycle and this wouldn't cause the pain also pain in ribs

  • Have you got any thoughts on what it couple be?

  • Hiya...I have IBS..terrible it was.

    Have they tested her gall bladder as my specialist stated my IBS and Reflux was being aggravated by my "Filled to the brim" as he put it gall bladder... Now GB is out ..No more REFLUX. .I can live with IBS. X

  • How can they possibly mix up tonsillitis with a stomach problem?! Hope they sort it out soon, sounds like IBS to me too

  • My sentiments too Mydexter too many mistakes, have they thought of diverticulitis, is she going to the loo, I know I kept saying it was my ibs kicking in but I can say diverticulitis is far worse, it's worth a mention if hospital staff can't get it right. I'm not a dr by the way 😂 Just throwing in another cause for her pain. Hope she is better soon. X

  • Hiya..Very strange as they did the same to my friends daughter. Also stated it was a poss virus the child had picked up?

    The specialist put it down to STRESS and stated she needed plenty of water and a reflux remedy. .Think it was Buscopan and painkillers also stated she was just starting her periods and her hormones were changing her system.

  • She was also give Oramorph.

  • I'm interested in the hospital admission being down to tonsillitis because this is a little unusual these days, and even with pain hospitals prefer not to remove them since they are a first line of defence against infection.

    Withdrawal from Oramorph depends on how much was administered and the period. Generally, unless it was taken for a couple of days or more there should be no real side effects. However, one of the side effects can be abdominal or stomach pain. See your GP.

  • Took her to a&e last week with really bad pain in tummy said it felt like she's drunk bleach she has acid reflux as well as fibro but this was much worse also pain in trougt doc came round next day look her over then in her mouth and said tonsillitis and it probably caused everything to flare up

  • Acid reflux is nasty and can get so bad that some loose the ability to eat or keep food down. One solution is a Consultant can look at is to Botox the Oesophagus. A camera is put a down the throat and botox injected the muscle. It needs to be repeated about every 4 to 6 months in bad cases.

  • Im on Lansoprazole, but I swig Gaviston and chew Gaviston tablets, drink milk and do whatever else I can think of to alleviate the symptoms. There are so many things I cant eat its ridiculous and sometimes it is like my chest is on fire, the acid burns and it is a physical pain. The GP thinks its under control but there is never a time when it is. My throat feels like I have swallowed something and they put a camera down and said everything looked fine, but the lump feeling is still there. Will this Botox thing be suitable for me?

  • Wow mine was so bad I was delirious. Nothing worked until that Gall Bladder was gone.

  • My son suffered tonsillitis regularly as a child and funnily enough it was always his stomach pain which alerted me. It took a bit of persuading from the GP that it wasn't something like appendicitis, especially as he felt sick and was in so much pain. It was explained to me that his tonsils were so infected the pus and poison (sorry) was just running down into his tummy and this was causing the pain.

    He suffered about 5 years of this and was on repeated antibiotics as the GP was dead set against removing them. He had a rotten time but eventually he grew out of it.

    I am wondering if this is the same sort of thing your daughter is experiencing.

  • Pain could be from a cyst that's possibly burst or strangulated itself. Pain can be horrendous - my daughter was in hospital for 4 days because of the pain from a burst cyst.

    Hopefully your daughter will get a scan which will help identify if a cyst or not, good luck xx

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