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Completely lost

Ok. So it's been a while since I last blogged

How am I? crud! The doctors decided about 2 months ago that I have had Lyme disease for the last 4 years. So put on major anti bios and started getting better, although only a little. The doctors have now u turned and changed their mind. So now it feels like I'm getting to terms with a lifetime diagnosis for the second time. On top of that: my work have decided to kick off about my sexuality and I just entered into a civil partnership. I wanna move into a marital home with my man but we can't afford it. I only get about 200 a month. And I'm just lost. Please. Tell me there's a miracle on the horizon.


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hi and welcome why your work should kick off about your sexualit is beyond me it does not affect your work what ever you choose to be or do i think that it it so old fashioned and good for you both and congratulations as long as you are both happy that is the main thing isnt that what we all want at the end of the day to be in a happy relationship with a job and a home and people around us who care and support us money is irellevant really it does not buy you happiness. as for fibro well i am afraid i know not of miracle cure and as long as you have got a caring partner to help you through and friends to that is all that matters and of course you have this forum too

oh well you take care and will chat again soo love diddle xxxx


Hello Fibrosam, great to see you posting again, welcome back! :)

It seems you have a lot on your plate right now and it's difficult to see the forest for the trees. A change in diagnosis is enough to throw you, have they told you what your diagnosis is?! Perhaps if you knew it would be easier for you to cope with and come to terms with. That would hopefully resolve that part for you.

Regarding the next issue with your work, I wonder how long have you worked at your place of employment? Surely they knew already about your sexuality? Everyone has the right to their own sexual orientation whatever that may be, it's their choice. If you are discriminated upon because of this or your job is in jeopardy it would be best to seek legal advice. Employers can make life difficult at times when they don't necessarily agree or approve. They don't have that right. We are all entitled to be heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, bisexual etc. That is a basic human right, which is a hot topic these days. You are obviously happy as you say you've entered into a civil partnership, so congratulations on that!

Now for the next problem - money, hmmm, we can all relate to that at some time or other. You don't say how old you are, that may influence how much you are earning. Does your partner earn a reasonable wage, would you both be able to save for somewhere together? Sounds like some serious planning is called for.

I can understand you feeling a bit bogged down and lost. The best thing to do would be to tackle one thing at a time, otherwise it all gets too foggy. Tackle your work situation first and then move on to the next thing. Hopefully this has been some help to you, we are all here for you to listen and to help if we can in some way.

I really hope it all works out for you. If you have a lovely relationship, that's a blessing! That will help you through the hard times. Take care and please let us know how you get on. :) :)


All I can say its keep your chin up there are ppl who love and care for you, and we are here if u wanna let off steam - sending you big hugs - and take care :) x


hi sam lv congrats on your marriage and is there a union you could ask for advice regarding your job..they sound like a right set of planpots.wish you loads of luck xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi fibrosam wow.wot old fuddyduddys.congrats and i hope you will be very very happy.

In this day and age sexuality shouldnt come into it.

As long as your doing your job right.

Its discrimination surley.

Chin up and try and get thw right diagnosis.that will help.

I would get legal advice as well goos luck.


I've had 2 blood tests for lyme disease, but I think they're just trying to find an answer where there isn't one. Must be tough to end up back where you started! Cant figure out what your sexuality has to do with your boss and if I was you I think maybe I would contact Citizens Advice for legal advice. Love is hard to find, and if at all possible follow your heart. Wish you all the very best!


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