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lost some weight!! :)

Been on a no carb, low fat protein only diet this week, and wow I've lost half a stone in 6 days. it's been quite easy to follow. My rationale is that I don't burn the carbs like I used to so I've decided to cut them out for a while and slowly introduce them eventually back into my diet xxxxx.

I feel so well, lets wait and see.

Hope your all well ;)

Jax xxxxxxxx

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Wow, that is amazing. Good on you!! I would love to try and give that a go cos I have my brothers wedding in 3 weeks and I am still trying to get into my dress. But I am a sucker for carbs! Might give it a go though and see how I get on. But well done you :-)

Sarah x

well done JaxxL that is great take care love beth xx

Thats fantastic JaxxL you must be so chuffed

Hugs x x x x Sue

Good for you! Losing weight always makes us feel a bit better. Keep up the hard work x


Thanks everyone. I have continually put weight on for the lat 6 years, and for someone who was a runner and really fit it's been a nightmare. I've tried every diet going with loss of a 1lb here and there, then I found the Dukan Diet and even tho its only been 6 days I feel great!!

jac :) :)

amazing and im soooooo envious the tablets the put me on the tegretal made me Gain 1.5 stone so once ive settled a bit i hope i can lose some too go girl go xx hugs xx

Yeh I think the Pregablin has a lot to answer for!! I'm just desperate to get some weight off, I know it will make a big difference xx

hus jax xx ;)

Hi jax well done you where idi you find the Dukan Diet. i've put on 2stone since having to give up work cause of fibro 8yrs ago. i supose its meds and less able to do exercise. soft hugs xx

Hi scrumie, I just searched it on the net, its also been in the news recently!!

take care xxx :) x

Good for you i'm going to google that asap:-)

WOW! thanks for the infor, you must be feeling soooooo good, well done you. I too was into sport in such a big way, unfortunately, I too have tried everything on the market, in cluding the atkins diet, which did work while I was able to move around at a faster pace, without using walking aids, maybe I should give this one a go. XXXXXx o how do you get those lovely smiley faces on here?

thanks and for the smiley faces just use the : button and then the ) button together and you get :) and if you use ; then ) you get a winking smile ;) xx

hi so what sort of food have you given up and what are you eating now what you didnt before i really need to lose weight so give me some ideas plz xxxxxxx

I'm following a diet called the Dukan Diet. Basically it cuts out all carbs. It is quite brutal in the first few days cause you are in the 'attack' phase and all you can eat is low fat protein - chicken, turkey, pork, turkey rashers, fish, no fat yogurt, quark ( low 0% fat soft cheese), eggs, soft bran, 0% fat cottage cheese,skimmed milk, tea, coffee, at leas 2 litres of water a day. The is no veg or fruit in the attack phase. its been a really hard week but I've done it and I'm really chuffed, not lost weight for years. search Google for Dukan Diet. It makes sense to me to cut out carbs I don't do enough to burn them off, and boy did I love my potatoes and pasta, good luck Jax :)

Hi JaxxL, did you have to buy the book? If you're not having any carbs and LOW protein, what can you eat? I really need to loose weight, have tried so many things, XXX

Have researched carbs in fibro can cause reactive hypoglycemia which can mimic diabetes as the carbs cause over production of insulin causing the carbs to turn into belly fat .I cannot loose weight if I eat potatoes or pasta .thought this might help anyone struggling if u check it out it does not show in fasting blood tests but can be tested 2/3 hrs after eating carbs I believe xc

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