Im so down the mental health yeam wanted me to go into hospital i just vant iv been kicked out again from my now ex im on keyways to nid for a place ad me and my 17 year old is staying at my othhet sons in a 1 bed flat. But my ex says he will sign hes council house to me by deed but i dont think they are going to allow it. Everything is getting to me and with my mum passing away 7 months ago im loosing it xx

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  • Hi my friend

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of the problems that you are having to endure at this time. It may be advisable to let the mental health team sort things out for you with the council? If they will not allow you to have the house then maybe the mental health team and a social worker can get them to offer you a flat? It is always worth a try?

    This has been such a difficult time for you with losing your dear mum so recently, and with all of the problems that you have been facing you need time out to be able to grieve for your mum properly.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you ken and yea im going to ask them as im not able to at mo im not coping hope you and your wife are ok x

  • That's great, please take care of yourself my friend x :)

  • Oh please try to hang in there dawnlancaster. This is a most terrible time you are going through, I am a very firm believer though in people know what is best for themselves most of the time.

    You need help, someone to fight on your side Dawn. There are people FAR more knowledgeable than me about these things. Ken has given some good advice already. Please, PLEASE try to hang on a bit longer, they should be coming on the site soon and should hopefully have some vey good ideas, possibly even know about some laws that will help you a lot I hope!

    Please know that I have everything crossed for you, you really did not deserve this Dawn...

    My best wishes my friend!

  • Ahh thank you x

  • Try to keep strong if you have been living in the home for a while you should be able to transfer tenancy over I would go get advise on that !

  • I just dont feel strong to fight x

  • I'm so sorry to hear that you're having this terrible housing issue while you're still needing to heal from the loss of your mum, Dawn. Please hang in there -- when things are their bleakest, then the situation can only improve, right? I'll be sending some positive energy to you from across the pond. I agree that Ken is right about allowing the professionals to help, and please let us know about your progress.

  • Thank you x

  • I'm sending you lots of love and good wishes. I lost my mum just over a year ago and still can't believe she has gone. It deverstated me.

    There is help out there but if you've never had to use it before it can be hard to find.

    Talk to your mental health nurse ask about a mental health advocacy

    Mine has been a God Send. He's a bit like citizens advice but comes to you. Fills out forms. He helped sort my finances and energy debts. And if he couldn't help he found out who could.

    Have you got a CPN

    Support for M.H. suffers is limited and there is no consistency with who sees us or for how long. It makes things harder explaining over and over

    I truly wish you the best. I hope you have good friends to support you

    And talk about your mum. I think that's important. For a while the word mum became taboo with my brother and sister but it was destroying me. Mum's are a huge part of your life. I saw mine almost every day and we talked several times a day on the phone and suddenly she wasn't there and I wasn't allowed to talk about her? My friends saved me and when you are ready there are bereavement counselling services.

    It might be hard for your son's to talk about their nan but bring her into conversationsome with a nice memory. Xcx

  • What an absolute horrible situation you are in, it might be best for you to go into hospital for a while to allow you to come to terms with everything. It will allow you to rest, talk and gain your strength. I doubt your ex will sign over the house, he's mean ans nasty to have kicked you out. If you went into hospital they would arrange somewhere for you to be released into as they have an extended duty of care for vulnerable adults. The place will also be specific for your needs, it may not be possible for your son to live with you unless he is your carer, the council say over 16 and you should fend for yourself.

    Please think of yourself and what you need to make life a better place for you. I wish you well and hope that it is all sorted very soon.

    Linda xx

  • Hi Dawnlancaster,I'm so terribly sorry for your unimaginable situation at present, life seems to have dumped you with a rather large share of manure...

    Maybe a health official/doctor could prompt your council/social services about your situation to help to move it along more quickly...

    I'm can't imagine your loss with regards to your mother, my father has passed but it's just so different for a mother to pass i think...

    Relationships are also so intense, i really wish you well in moving forward with that, hopefully you'll be fine with your boys support...

    Thinking of you, and sending gentle hugs your way...❤👍😊

  • Hi foxylady thank you and i hope you are ok hugs back to you x

  • Dawn, Sorry to hear your having a bad time.Ive sent you a PM when you get a minute msg me back.Take care hun, and know I'm here for you.your friend Peck🐤

  • H Dawnlancaster

    Sorry to hear you are struggling. I also lost my mum recently, she was my best friend. I struggled to cope but then contacted Lets Talk who arranged counselling and this ended a couple of weeks ago but since then i feel i can cope with life abit better. Please get support with your loss and also speak to your local council and get advice about if you have any rights about staying in the house. Take care and good luck.

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