Please somebody if you have any ideas help!!!

Hi everyone would just like to see if anyone xould help me out. I'm only 16 and since last March I've had excruciating hip pain. I play netball but never had any problems and last year while warming up I felt a very tight knot in side of one of my hips while warming up that eventually turned into a very sharp unbearable pain, even just moving my upper body would send terrible shooting pains through my hip. It spread to my other hip within a week and I visited doctors who just asked me to come back if it didn't go away. Eventually got so bad where I was on tears everyday that I got took to hospital ( before they wouldn't take me as it wasn't a fall or anything that caused it) and I got a xray which was clear. This was about a month after it first came on and I was mow getting terrible shooting pains up my spine. It gradually got a little better but then got worse and to this day I'm still in so much agony and doctors have no clue. Been for mri's and they are totally clear, been to physio who said I had bursitis but my hip doctor disagrees. No painkillers/anti-inflammotries help and im honestly losing all hope of ever feeling normal again. Had so much knee pain recently too and had groin pain for ages my latest hospital appointment I was offered injections but the other doctor has refused me them so I have just been told to wait and see for a few years if it goes away as I'm still growing and "this happens quite alot to girls between 14-18" had blood tests everything clear too. Please somebody help me out feeling so down everyday with this horrible pain cannot remember last pain free day I've had. Feel like no one understands what I'm going through close to me and feel so upset constantly.

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  • Hi erincath, I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help, but sometimes knowing someone is listening helps. I know boys n girls are different but my son had pain in his groin while growing up and nothing was ever done, yes he was admitted to hospital but as I say nothing was getting done, all he had to do is complete bed rest and some nice hot baths, he is 38 now and every now and then gets the odd flinch. We were told it was a boy thing. I hope you find comfort soon, and I'm sure someone on this forum might be able to help. Wishing you all the best. ❤️X PS I should have said this was from he was a baby, sometimes he had to get double TERRY nappies on, when he went into hospital it was for to be put into tractions but they never did. ❤️X

  • Honestly thank you so so much 💗💗 you've helped me so much it's so nice to finally feel like somebody knows what it's like and understands. So horrible your son had to be left like that, nobody should have to go through pain with no help and especially not at rhe age he was. Hope you and your son are well!x

  • I've added a P.S ❤️X

  • Hi erincath

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of how you have been suffering and struggling, and I have pasted you some excerpts and a link to the *Livestrong website cache on this issue. I do not know if it is of any use to you:

    *Hip Pain in Adolescents

    Hip pain is a common problem among teenagers. According to a 2005 study published in “Acta Paediatrica,” nearly 7 percent of adolescents experience hip pain. The causes of hip pain range from mild to serious. Adolescent hip pain is more common in females, smokers and teens who consume alcohol. Teenagers with prolonged hip pain should be evaluated by a medical professional. Investigations such as X-rays, joint aspiration, and magnetic resonance imaging can be critical in diagnosing the cause of pain.

    Functional Pain

    By far, the most common cause of hip pain in teenagers is classified as “functional.” Functional hip is a type of pain in which no medical cause can be attributed as the cause of pain. This is sometimes referred to as “growing pains.” Functional pain, though irritating to teenagers, is not serious. It might be related to problems such as anxiety or reduced self-esteem.

    Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease

    Perthes disease is an important and serious cause of hip pain in teenagers. Though children between 4 and 9 years of age are most frequently affected, the disease can also frequently affect adolescents. The condition occurs more frequently in males, who complain of a gradually increasing limp in one leg. This can be followed by pain in the hip, groin or knee. The condition is diagnosed by MRIs. Depending on the severity, affected adolescents might require bracing or surgery.

    Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis

    Slipped capital femoral epiphysis, or SCFE, is a disease of the head of the femur. This condition frequently affects obese boys between the ages of 11 and 15. The disease stems from dislodgement of the growth plate from the top of the femur, which occurs for unknown reasons. Symptoms include limping and pain in the hip. Though the disease occurs in the hip joint, the pain might also be felt in the knees -- often a source of confusion for doctors evaluating a patient. The condition requires surgical treatment.

    Other Causes of Hip Pain

    Acute transient synovitis is a short-lasting disease of the hip joint that can occur after the common cold. Boys between the ages of 2 and 10 are most frequently affected. Congenital dysplasia of the hip is a hip disease that presents at birth. If untreated properly, older children and teens might have a limp and growth irritation. Rare causes of hip pain in teenagers include tumors, bacterial joint infections and rheumatoid arthritis.

    *Livestrong website

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you endlessly! So grateful for all this, will definitely be speaking to my doctor about these and see what he thinks. Hope you are well x

  • Good luck my friend x :)

  • Some excellent replies and a some good research by Ken ' TheAuthor'

    I was wondering if they had said anything about a trapped, or 'bruised' nerve? Have they done any work to try and rule out nerves being involved? The shooting pains up the spin is what made me wonder if a nerve is involved?

    I hope it clears up for you in time.


  • Thank you so much!!! Nope they've never really mentioned nerves it's only ever been about my joints/cartilage/muscles. Will speak to my doctor and ask him to check and see! thanks again!! X

  • :)

  • It could be refered pain from your spine or Burstis. I have had this for 17 yrs and nothing could cure it.Not every doctor is right .Go see someone else.Get the Dr to refere you to a rheumatologist .I have bursitis plus cysts on my spine.This pain is very real but could be emphosized by Fibromyalgia.The only way to tell is by an elimination proces.

  • Honestly thank you so much! I've seen about 4 different doctors in my gp alone and all have told me different things to help or to avoid but none actually have a clue why I feel this way. My two hip specialists I've started seeing I will defo need to try and see someone else than them. Hope you find some peace soon xx

  • I agree with the bursitis possibility. Bursitis causes stabbing or shooting pains at the slightest movement, but not at every movement. If this is accurate for you, a simple injection in your hip can solve the problem almost right away. My rheumatologist did this for me. I am not sure if it was a kenalog injection or something else, but I know it was routine for bursitis and was so simple an answer. What an easy thing to try to see if it's the answer!

  • I seen a new hip doctor yesterday who said he wanted me to get injections but when he spoke with the other doctor (they are both specialists) he said as I'm still growing he doesn't want to do the injections but I honestly don't know how I'm still growing I'm 5"9 already. The pain does get worse with certain movements especially if I sit certain ways but just about all the time it's jut hours on end of continous pain, it feels different sometimes it's like my joint could actually tear off sometimes shooting sometimes throbbing, like toothache and like it's all clenching up x thank you so much for ur reply!!

  • My gp also talker a few weeks ago about referring me to a rheumatologist so not sure if that happening or not! X

  • That could be just what you need! If you get referred, a rheumatologist would be much more familiar with diagnosing this problem and know what to do about it. You brought up a good point about your age and the possibility of still being in the end of your growing years. Again, the Rheumy would know what to do. You might have to ask about whether you will be referred or not. Patients have to be proactive and assert themselves for their own sake. Don't ever assume your Dr. can remember everything you need. ;o)

  • Being assertive is very hard when you are quite shy hahaha, I always worry they'll think I'm undermining then and not want to help anymore. My dad definitely argues my case when sometimes I don't hahah so I at least have him, I just always get very annoyed when I come out the doctors and take it out on my mum and dad. Will phone Monday find out if I've been referred x

  • It's important to try to be very polite but firm when you are asking questions. If you don't hear your answer you need to ask again in different words but still politely without putting the Dr. down.

  • My only other suggestion after all the advice you've already been given would be to see a chiropractor. They specialise in problems with the spine and joints. It is possible that you have a misalignment in the spine that is causing all this pain. I have seen one for years after having a problem, and they can usually help ( in my case). I have had hip, knee, and foot pain all due to my spine being out.

    Wishing you well. MariLiz

  • Thank you lots!! never even thought of that, will definitely look into that! Hope ur well x

  • Hay erincath

    Talk to your GP about using lidocaine patches to help with your pain management. They are about 3inch X 5inch, the advantage being you can cut them to different sizes, unlike most pain patches.

    Cut into strips, and place across the areas where you have most pain, you need to move them about, change place each day. Feel down the outside of your pain areas, and you should find the nerve that is carrying the pain message. Legs and arms work this way, but difficult with spine.

    If you can get some, PM me and I will explain in more depth how to make best use of them.

    Good luck, and hoping you can get some help here, Hayesider

  • Ah thank you sooo much!!! Sounds so sad but I'm so excited to try these the thought of being pain free for at least a little while sounds amazing. Will speak to my mum and dad and see of they can get me them and let you know if I do!! Hope ur well xp

  • Hi erincath had similar hip and shoulder pain on off for donkeys years just recently been using 1tbsp turmeric 1/4 tsp black pepper 1tb sp ginger in a 1litre water boil then simmer for 10 mins cool and add honey to taste half a cup on empty stomach in morning and before dinner bought down pain level so whether it's imflamtion in the joint you can only try it out and its drug free

    Wishing you Good luck

    Regards John X

  • Hello when i was 11 years old the exact thing happened to me, i had no idea what caused it. like you i went to the drs who told me to come back if it got worst, and it did. i went back but was told it was just swelling and it will go down i had an xray for my knee as thats where i felt the pain and that came back normal. it never did and i was in pain (still am) all the time. when i was 15 my mum noticed my right leg was twisted out and took me to the drs again was told it was swelling...but was booked in for another xray this time they xrayed my whole right leg including hip, i was diagnosed with slipped upper femoral Epiphysis. i had dye put in my hip to confirm this. make sure they xray all of your hips/legs as mine was misdiagnosed. im now 27 and im in severe pain everyday so i have to make a decision whether to it operated on it or not. xx

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