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Completely numb foot


I am hoping that someone out there will be able to help me, after struggling to.get any from doctors.

I woke up one Tuesday morning with a completely numb left foot, I hadn’t had any symptoms the previous day, hadn’t knocked it or anything. This freaked me out a bit, so got a doctors appointment to ask her for advice and she had no clue what this was.

I have had ongoing back/sciatic problems for years, but if anything my back has been better than usual before this happened so not convinced this has anything to do with this. I have had this now for nearly 11 weeks, and have had a few different appointments over this, but all my gp will concentrate on is the fact I have had a scan 6 months ago and it was ok, but I keep saying that doesn’t mean that something hasn’t happened after that but she now says I have to wait to see y consultant which isn’t until September and I can’t keep using crutches to walk until then.

If anyone has had anything like this or any ideas to help I would be so incredibly grateful, this is not doing anything for my mental wellbeing.

Looking forward to some help xx

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Sounds like a kind of Nueropathy which maybe could be from a med. The intense numbness, pain, elec shocks and tingling I've had in hands has lessened since I've reduced Metformin for late onset diabetes. Not sure if that's connected but elec shocks was mentioned on one of the descriptions of side effects for one of my meds. At one time the numbness in arms and hands hurt so bad that the only relief was holding hands in front of my chest. A few years later I was tested and have severe carpal tunnel for no reason. In the long years I've had Fibro, I've had many different areas of of the first was my bottom and not the usual stuff which I don't have. The pain would hit out of the I have IBS that also hits with no warning, knees that hurt and give out for no reason. I hope you find some relief. Have you tried therapy or the elec. stems that even come with some brands of muscle heat pads? It might block whatever is causing your numb foot. I wish I had a solution for my IBS. I fear going anywhere. M.A. in USA

Yes I've had that a few times in my right foot as well as tingling, pins and needles and partial numbness in various places below the waist on and off. Mine's probably down to long term sciatica caused by a slipped disc but as those of us with fibromyalgia experience pain differently we get all kinds of strange sensations.

I've had trouble with doctors not knowing the ins and outs of less well known conditions and overall I'd say younger doctors are more on the ball with this sort of thing than the more experienced physicians so if it's an option at your surgery, perhaps it would be worth trying to get an appointment with a different doctor.

It's horrible being in so much pain for so long, I've been there and I really feel for you. I hope you get something sorted soon x

i'd think you would need to see a Neurologist, as it sounds like possible nerve issue, it is also very possible it could be coming from your previous back issues,

Hi Sorry to hear about your problem. I just wanted to say ever since I have had fibromyalgia I have had problems with my left foot going numb, not constant but not far off either. Sometime my right and my hands. This has been going on for years and the only thing that helps even in the heat we have had, is keeping it in a thick woolly slipper boot. Try not to worry too much but always go with your gut feeling, if you think something is really wrong then keep on to your doctor or get a second dr to ask. It’s not worth getting yourself worse mentally. Good luck and kindest wishes and Hugs 🤗 x

Chancery, why did you delete your Thread “Could I have Fibro”????

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Isn’t deleted it’s here

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