Lost my mum

Hi to all you lovely welcoming friends, I'm so sorry I've not posted or responded to any of your lovely messages, I've just lost my amazing mum, it was so very unexpected and have had so many things to do, I've gone into overdrive my counsellor said today, I've had problems with my older siblings, I've been feeling every bit of pain possible I think, when Friday is over and I get some time to try to get my head together, I will reply to your messages, again thank you for the warm welcome, I apologise for not getting back to the fibro community that I call friends, gentle hugs to you all,

Steve xxx

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  • Hi Steve

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have lost your mum, and can I offer to you my deepest and sincerest condolences. Please take care of yourself and do not worry about replying on the forum, just take good care.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Gentle hugs take all the time you need. We will be here.

  • We will be here when you need us :) We are so sorry you Mum has been taken , I send lots of hugs and remember she will always be with you :) Look in the mirror and smile !

    x Ginsing

  • Hi Steve, I'm so very sorry for your loss. Stay strong, soft hugs, you are in my thoughts and prayers x

  • I'm so sorry that you've lost your Mum. I think, if we're lucky, one of the most special relationships we have in life, and a terrible sense of loss. Don't worry about replying to everyone. I'm sure you will get many responses to such sad news, sometimes it gets too much and perhaps send general posts as and when you need to.

    Very best wishes to you and your family. Tulip xx

  • Thank you for your such kind words, I was so very close to my mum, she was the only person who understood the pain and suffering because of the fibro ect, she called me her hero, she would never tell me why she called me that and I guess I will never find out, she was an amazing mum, I will start posting after the weekend as its mums funeral this Friday, I've not been joined long, I can honestly say with all my heart, I have found the most beautiful friends on here, I must say it is an honour to be part of something so special, having fibro and other issues with health, I have never found any people with so much empathy for others then here with all my lovely new friends, love to you all and I send you all very special and very gentle hugs so's not to hurt either of us, thank you so much xx

  • It sounds like you had a strong bond with your Mum. I'm sure as her 'Hero', she understood the FM, & perhaps that's why. She was proud of you. Take care. Tulip xx

  • Really sorry your going through this really sad time, it's dreadfull when you lose your mum, it's a year since I lost my mum and miss her so much,I'm sending you what little strength I have left to cope in the coming weeks, take care.

  • Steve ~ we will be thinking of you with heartfelt sympathy in the coming days on the loss of your Mother. Please know our thoughts remain with you at this sad time ... and we will be here when you return ... bk

  • hello steve,

    so sorry to hear your mum has passed away. I know the pain is raw but she hasn't gone, she has become your guardian angel. she will guide you in times of need. she will never be far away as in the future when you say something a certain way you will smile and say "mum said that". she will live on in you .

    when ever I see a robin, I know its an angel of my twin.

    we are all here when ever you need us.

    gentle hugs x

  • Hi take care ,don't let your siblings take away your time to grieve remember they can't take away the love and care you obviously had for your mum and she for you ,remember to pace yourself and stay away from those who cause you pain ,you'll have good days and bad let the tears flow don't bottle embrace the love for yout mum you had take care ,

    Shadow xx

  • So sorry Steve,

    sending lots o hugs.

    Sue X

  • My thoughts are with you Steve at this hard time. May your dear Mum RIP.

    Look after yourself.



  • So sorry for your loss,thoughts,prayers and gentle hugs are on there way to you xx

  • Steve

    So sorry to hear your sad news - your mum loved you in life and she will now be your guardian angel.

    Love and hugs


  • Hi Steve I know the feeling I lost my precious mum at Xmas. She was my friend as well as the best mum ever. Family members all have their own way of grieving and it can be difficult to communicate with everyone's emotions going crazy.

    Hold on to your happy memories as that will get you through, my heart goes out to you at this sad time. God bless and take care my friend hugs Jan

  • Steve ,sorry to hear about your loss ,

    I'm sending you lots of Huggs an Love

    Love JACQUI x

  • So sorry for your take care x

  • Hello Steve

    I'm so very sorry for your loss.

    The things you will never lose are your memories. You will always have them. Treasure them and hold on to them.

    Unfortunately close bereavement can bring out the worst in siblings (I speak from experience). It is bewildering when this happens because you just expect everyone to pull together at such a sad time.

    I imagine you probably already know that stress will cause your Fibro to really kick in. That is why your pain is so bad at the moment.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Gentle hugs

    Lu xx

  • May your mother's memory be a blessing to you

  • So sorry to hear of the loss of you dear Mother, it sounds as if you had a wonderful relationship and you will have all those memories for ever, they say those that live in the hearts of others never die, and that's so true, I lost my Mum in 2004 and still miss her every day and think of all the happy times we had together like your Mum she was always there for me, my thoughts are with you at this sad time.

  • 1985 for me. I still talk to her and miss her everyday.

  • So sorry to hear abut the loss of your mother Steve, these times are always hard. I wish I could offer you more in the way of help.

    Take care, we are thinking of you.

    Soft gentle hugs,

    Elizabeth x

  • Hi Steve

    So sorry about your mum, my thoughts are with you and this horrible time

    I know what you're going through I lost my mum a few years ago and she was only 57.

    So gentle hugs

    And you know we are all here for you!! Trace x

  • Sending you gentle hugs.

  • Sorry to hear of your mum's passing. My prayers are with you and may you find comfort from those who love you. God bless.

  • Hi Steve, I'm so sorry for your loss take care.

  • Hi Steve, so sorry for your loss, take as long as you need, we're not going anywhere. I'll be thinking of you, especially on Friday when you say goodbye. Hugs Linda x

  • So sorry to hear about the loss of your Mum, I presume the funeral is on Friday? Hope everything goes smoothly. Please, please, please remember as you rush around trying to get everything planned that you need to be kind to yourself. Take time out to relax so that you can cope with the next few days

    Hugs, xxx

  • So sorry to read your post and see your sad news. Do not worry about replying to any of our posts as we understand the stress you are under and would just want to let you know that we are thinking of you. Come back to us whenever you feel able. Soft hugs.x

  • So sorry for your loss, do take care of yourself xxx

  • So sorry to hear your bad news Steve there is nothing worse than losing your mum.There is only one mum and when she leaves it leaves a great big gaping hole in our lives.You sound such a lovely man that she defiately did her job of raising you very very well.You should be proud of her, I can't say anything that will ease your pain of loss and that in itself brings unrelenting body pain,it will ease and it will get better you just have to shout and scream and let it all out sod anyone else.take care of you,you are important and I'm sending lots of love to help you.take care of yourself ,let the painkillers do there job and even have a good cry if you need to .Life is very unfair at times and we will always wonder why!sending the sleep fairy to you as well so you can rest if you want to .bye xx

  • Hi Steve,

    Apologies for my late response, but please accept my most sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved Mother. I understand so well what you are going through at the moment and it is nothing short of living hell. The person you have always had there for you is gone and with it being so sudden must only serve to make your grief even deeper. No one can replace a mother - I lost mine 23 years ago and still wish she was still alive. People say that with time it gets easier, a comment which I can't equate too. I hope you have support of family around you, that will help a little. I think if the funeral is on Friday then that is one of the hardest parts out of the way and you can then start to process everything and learn to live your life differently.

    Please know that you have the support and understanding of everyone here and I personally will be saying lots of prayers for you on Friday and you come back to the forum as and when the time is right for you. Your healing from recent events must take priority at the moment but do know we will be here to help and support you through the difficult times.

    Sending positive healing vibes to you dear Steve 😑

    Foggy x

  • Hello Steve,

    I'm so very sorry to read that your Mother has died, please except my condolences. I hope and pray that you are able to get through this very difficult time. The loss of a love one can be be so overwhelming, and causes so much pain. I know you are on automatic, at the moment and it won't begin to hit you until the day after your amazing Mum's funeral. Be patient with yourself. And with others, yes it can be very difficult. I know, Everyone has their thoughts and beliefs, about death and dying. I take comfort and hope in the promises found in the Bible please read what it says in the book of Revelations (the last book of the bible) chapter 21 verse 3 to 5. And the book John chapter 5 verse 28 to 29. These promises have helped me to cope. I hope you will fine your balance in time.

    very gentle heart felt hugs to you.


  • Sorry to hear such sad news. Your Mum will always be with you as mine is with me. Gentle hugs and be good to your self. Joolz.x

  • Hi Steve I am very sorry to hear about your sad news about your mum passing. Believe me I know how you are feeling you, I lost my dad who was my best friend 11 years July 24 2015 and it just seems like he died yesterday he meant the world to me and my daughter who is now 21 years old and it does help when your siblings are selfish but you no what your mum will always be in your heart and no one can take that away from you and I believe although you will not be able to visibly see her but she will always be around you guiding and protecting you and I hope things get better for you very soon. I wish you all the best in life and I am truly sorry take care :)

  • big hugs to you and sorry for your loss.... take care and try not stress if possible... wishing you all the best xx

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