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e.s.a letter

god im fuming.weve had no money for 3 weeks now.had to get a crisis loan that went in mins and was degrading enough.

ive spent my b.d and every other day ringing them up chasing it.i finally get some hope.

they tell me my e.s.a has been i think yey some food money and bills.

uuh no d.w.p wont pay us anything untill they get the letter in writing from tribunals/

im so sick and tired of ringing and hoping,crying and stressing.

do these people not care at all about genuine people.

looks like tomoz ill have to try and arrange another crisis loan and be in more debt.?

so unfair im getting to see my little princess for whole day this sat?

my ex wont let us if he sniffs i have no money for food etc.

i do love love my kids and so excited to see her?

but cant if dole dont get of there backsides and give us some money.

im behind with all my bills so internet will go off next untill i pay it?then what how will i manage then?

were gonna be homeless soon has we cant stay in our 2 bed house even though im meant to have shared custody NOT...

so gonna be homless as we cant find anywhere that has a one bed place and garden.

such a joke and sick of it.

my fella looks so down today and im sick of crying every 5 mins..

right rant over feel good now.

the lady in the shoe who has no food lol.....

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oh hun if i lived near ya id help,, soft hugs i hope u enjoy your weekend


many thanks thats so sweet x


hi sammy just left a comment on another blog, have you tried hardship allowance if not give it a go, get on the phone to tribunals and tell them to fax letter to dhss as you are in need of the money, keep going hun and wish you all the luck in the world.

paula x


hi there never heard of that?isnt that a crisis loan?many thanks and ill be ringing them yet again sick of my own voice.xx


no its not a crisis loan i havent had it but heard people who have, just give it a go you never know x iam waiting for appeal date for esa and dreading it, i had one last year and got turned down but i keep on fighting, people who see me and know me no i wouldnt be able to work, it only them slimy so and so at tibunal, and they terrify the life out of me lol x paula x


contact cab and ask about getting a food parcel, they are available all over the country xx


hi c.a.b cocked up in first place with my forms and made mistakes so thats why eve ended up like this in first place.

id rather apply for another loan if not sell my beloved t.v thanks.x


hello sammy I feel so sorry for you both hope things get sorted soon for you love beth x


dont look good right day here feels like a week.not fair.x


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