Just had to share this

Just had to share this

This is the wonderful bean baggy thingy which I have been wittering on about all week, and is just fab and comfy. I came in from seeing a friend and lo and behold the doglets had made a bid for a take over, I can see there being a battle royal for supremacy which I intend to win, though I have a feeling Poopie will plead with me after her operation on Monday, purely as a recuperative thing don't you know.

I wish I could afford to buy you all one, they are just so supportive and cosy and very adaptable :-) :-) best buy I've made in ages :-) :-) though I don't know why it's gone sideways on me... Hehehe

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  • The puppy filters are beauties and they do seem to have taken over you ponderous thingy

  • I wrote doglets and not ponderous I think it was wonderous. (Scratches head. Oh well)

    The one alt. The top may I borroww please. Xgins

  • Hehehe, Mr Benjamin would love to come for a Scottish break, he's. real star :-) :-) I'll pop him on the train with a notice , please look after Mr Benjamin and hopefully you will be there to greet him :-) :-)

  • Can he call into Washington Tyne and Wear on his way to Scotland please,I lost my little Yorkie's one in September 2011 and then the other one in November 2012 .I miss them both so much. We thought about having another but we are worried the dog would out live us.

  • Aww Molly, I will try and get him to stop off en-route.....he is a jack russell x yorkie and is just so lovely, he's a senior citizen now, 13, but acts like a three year old most of the time. Im sorry for your losses, you could rescue an older yorkie if that would help, I'm sure you could find one online, seriously, that's how I came by the other little person in the picture, she had been a brood bitch in kennels - 4 litters in 5 years (cruelty beyond belief) !

    Foggy x

  • I have to agree. Pop down to your local shelter. Explain your needs and worries. Maybe you could agree they'd take them back should you pass on first? A pair are always harder to re home, but easier too as they should settle faster and, should one pass on, you'll still have the other? It's what I'd do anyway.

    Ive experienced the loss of a dog, its incredibly painful, but worth the love you get first.

    Good luck.

  • Hi foggy, they are sooooo cute, is poppy the jack Russell and why has she to go in hospital on Monday for , hope it's thing too seriouse, will be thinking of you both, I miss my little Sophie sooooo much, more so hn I o to bed as she slept with me .. Gnt hugs o you and those lovely little doglets ......Dee xxx

  • Yes Poppie is the JR, sorry for the late reply, she only had to have a nail removed, which she caught last week and it had pulled it out of the nail bed slightly, it was causing her pain, so it had to be done. I didn't say anything to you at the time for obvious reasons, but thank you so much :-) She's fine now. I know exactly what you say about missing dear Sophie at night, I missed Gertie tucked behind my knees for ages, it does ease with time, but that's not now, it will take some time for that ache to ease. Am sending you lots and lots of love and gentle hugs (((Dee)))

    Foggy x

  • Aw! how cute and yep! Me thinks you have a scrap on your hands for that lovely beany baggy thingy :D

  • Actually they do know I'm pack leader.......they've taken the sofa over now, so I don't stand a chance there, but lovely bean baggy thingy is so so comfy I doubt I'll need the sofa again unless I have guests heheheh :D :D

  • excellente my dear!success :D unless you want the sofa hehehe

  • they are so cute.love the term "doglets".

  • Thanks anbuma, I'm very blessed to have them and "doglets" was just a word that came into my very befuddled head :-) :-)

  • Cuddles for gorgeous doglets xxx. And for you too.


  • Awww! The expressions on their little faces are so cute! They'll know when you need the bean bag more and move over, they're just keeping it warm for you! Hehehe! x

    Gorgeous little 'doglets' xxx

  • I actually hate predictive text it has a mind of its own. I typed doglets not

  • Oooh I will be waiting at the station LOL :D xxgins

  • What is this super comfy bean baggy thing then?

  • It's a large bean bag of odd shape, I can't recommend highly enough...[Edited by Admin] [To remove website link to online store as per guidelines]

    Ordered it one day and came the next,, it moulds itself round my back and is the one thing I've found that helps my back ......hence why I'm so enthusiastic :-) Oh and it only cost £29 plus VAT, that helped too :D

    Foggy x

  • Doesn't it get hot and hard to get up?

  • Nope, I don't find it so, as it is large, the piccie doesn't really show it's size properly. The are so many ways I can put it to sit on, and I find it easier even than my sofa to get out of..... Weird.... :-)

  • Thanks for that. Definitely look into it, trouble is, my dogs are a lot bigger than yours!!! X.

  • They make bean bag beds specially for dogs, which are wonderful

  • Lovely picture! I got a beanbag for my kittens years ago, thought they'd snuggle, but they thought it an odd litter tray! Yuck! Kitchen floor was all wet - lucky it wasn't on the carpet!

  • EEuughh once kittens get a thing in their heads about where is acceptable to use as a portaloo then there's no stopping them, as you say, lucky it wasn't on the carpet !! ;-)

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