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My partner went to play golf this morning with his brother and the golf course is about 5 mins in the car from my house i sad to him later god you must have got wet earkier whn it rained those 2 heavy we showers we had ? guess what he did not have one drop ?????? he and his brother were playing in shirt sleeves ??????

how can that be in the same town not 5 mins away such different weather ????

oh well i just hope that now the sun is pking through here he is sitting there under a cloud of rain lol

hope you all have a lovely evening and will be back tomorrrow love diddle xxxx

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Hi Diddle, thats odd. Its been rain,sun,rain,sun all day. Now the suns out. Have a good evening hunni. Hug & love to you. Helen xx


once (at my mum and dads old house ) it was raining in the front garden but not in the back garden ,and im really telling the truth ,it was the most bizar thing ive ever seen ,i was running backwards and frowards from front to back untill it got in both gardens !


Lol lynz, not just me then.

When we moved into our first flat, exactly the same happened. We were running around little kids. Lately in the pub no one believed us, thought we'd had one to many. lol x

I often phone mum, sister or hubby at work all not more than a mile away and there like isnt the raining heavy,and I am like "what rain?" lol,

Hey diddle hope your well.

Lou x


im glad im not the only one lol i was an adult when i was running back and forth :) no one has believed me either xxxx


you too going for bath soon and bathe my arm.its only raining now.xx


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