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I done my shopping in the rain wen to asda in the rain walked my dog in the rain and put my new garden ornaments in the garden in the rain and now at the nearly the end of the day it has decided to stop raining thats just typical isnt it so i think iam going to walk my dog and then go and have a nice hot bath and wash my hair and then have tea god knows what i am having prob a bag of crisps i not very hungry today oh well hope tou have all managed to dodge the rain love diddle xxx ra

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Hot bath.... that sounds a lovely idea and would be good for my aching body. I felt really warm a few minutes ago and now I am really cold !!

Blooming weather!!! Hope we get an Indian Summer,


Sue x x x


Hi Diddle

This dull weather is so depressing, having to have lights on in my home in the winter!

I normally take my dog out for a walk in the rain then come home & have a shower. It saves having to dry myself twice!

A nice hot bath sounds so luxurious, I haven't been able to get in & out of a bath for years due to knee & ankle problems. Standing up in the shower is not at all relaxing, sometimes after drying myself I am so exhausted I want to go back to bed!

I did have some rep come to my home to show me the walk in baths with hydrotherapy, but at nearly 6 grand I shall have to wait until I win the lottery!!!! It would have been bliss! Oh well, dream on........

Gentle hugs xx


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