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We All Have An Inner Strength

Sometimes it feels like our lot gets us to the point of no return and the stress of coping just makes things worse.

I have been to the depths of hell and back three times and have had to drag myself through the flames, I've been beaten and abused and been stripped of my self worth, and have only found out in later years my ex abused my daughter and grand daughter, is it evil to wish him dead??

I now think that is why I ended up with fm and all it's little friends.

There are daily crisis to deal with and financial problems can drive you demented, the constant pain gets you down, other peoples reactions can be sooohh frustrating.........But... I love and am loved by a thoroughly decent guy now, he doesn't always understand this fm and is of the marter kind himself.

What I'm waffling on and trying to say is that even when things get really sh---y it's never as bad as whats gone, and I'm strong enough to cope with what this life throughs at me. We all have that inner strength even when it tries to curl up and die, take a deep breath and some time for yourself and slowly, slowly it will appear again. On this blog we all send our strength to each other so it gathers momentem to lift the spirits of those in their hour of need.

Thank you to each and every one of you strength givers out there and gentle hugs to you all. xxxxxxxxx :-)

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I think as Ive got older , Ive found me inner strength Ive found a peaceful self I never knew existed, I think most of us on here have gone through turmoil, I know I have, this time last yr my marriage was in tatters, due to my hubbys break down and drinking, my strength got us through, we now have a new business, and he s well thank god.

Im still ill but Im trying to cope with the help of my family

As for your ex Im a big believer of what goes around comes around, and hopefully it will with him

I wish you all the best, your a very strong woman


I have a tatto on my wrist that says ' strength , Inner peace'it reminds me each day of the struggles i've had and to aim for my inner peace.

hugs poppy xx


Thank you both xx


dear Jane,

You are so brave to leave, I am truely furious with people that mess with kids (no intendented offence). i have suffered abuse from a young age and in different forms. I am now 36 and going through a crisis of wether to leave my husband of 15yrs or continue beign unhappy, I have tried to forgive his past behaviours and mental and pyshical abuse. I am a walking time bomb and even though I left him for 24hrs. when you have a partner or a husband are you not meant to trust them. my ultimate feeling and gut feeling is I would be left to fend for myself and he is just bidding his time.xxxx


being on the phone to samaritans, and no energy to conform


Hello Kermitandpiggy,

It must be so difficult for you to be considering such a life changing decision and I am not able to comment on your relationship as it wouldn't be my place to. However, we can be here to listen if you want to vent and we all understand how you feel living with Fibro.

I am feeling for you having described a path through life where you have experienced such abuse. Have you ever asked your GP to refer you for some counselling, if you feel that would be of any help? I see you have telephoned the Samaritans, so you have their number should you wish to speak to someone again.

I cannot imagine how you feel and what you are going through, however I think finding outside support from other helplines might be the best way to get help for the awful experiences you have mentioned. I would like to provide you with some links to these helplines which you may have contacted already maybe;

I hope you can find a solution that is best for you and find the strength you can draw upon to help you through.

Thinking of you



Thank you Emma,

I have since been back to see my GP and have arranged counselling and my medication has been changed. I hope I can overcome my depression and worst case learn to cope with it. if I tackle this then I can focus on what other changes I need to make in my life. Thank you for your links which will be helpful.


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