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Wheelie Good

Hi Guys I dont know if any one is considering using a wheel chair or a scooter. Well I have had a scooter for shopping etc and they provide us with a way of shopping that had gradually become impossible!

Now I was finding it very difficult to stand at the cooker and cook - to walk to the loo - many other little things ;ile going into the garden with my dog on my own So with a little encouragement from the Doctor I have a wheel chair for the house garden etc.

Do you know it was a marvelous feeling to have a bit of freedom. I am so pleased and realise it was time to accept one.

I thought there may be others in the same quandary hence the post :


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Hi Gins, as you have called this post wheelie good. does that mean that you will be doing wheelies round the garden? :O The mind boggles at the thought. :D

seriously though i`m glad that you are pleased with your chair. :) sue


Thanks for posting this Gins. It is lovely to have a positive post now and then. I am delighted that your wheelchair has had a positive impact, sometimes accepting the things that can make life a little easier is hard, for all sorts of reasons. Enjoy your freedom and indepence, long may they last. Linda


Yippee! you're free too :)

where we going in our new wheels then gins?

brum brum brum :) my engine is running and ready to go :P :P :P

:) xxxsianxxx :)



In that case you can both provide the motive power for our next outing. How does that grab you? :P


We certainly will I am sure we can Russel up some motive power xxgins


Now there's a thought. Harness JRT energy - I can see the headline



Yay :d


Hi Gins,

I was considering a wheelchair as I can't walk much now but do you have to get a referral from your doc, the physio has given me a tripod thing with wheels but it doesn't really help much and with the good weather?????aproaching I want to be able to get out.

Many thanks


Hi gins

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? thank you so much for sharing this with us all, it is so positive and helpful. There could easily come a time when I will have to do this also.

Thank you

Ken x


Hi Guys,

You can get referred to Physio but I am afraid I cut thaT out used my disablement money abd bought one that met my requirements. It arrived the day after came from Sue Ryder brilliant will really help me :) :)


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