If only............. If only .................... we all know that feeling to be able to do what ever it is

for myself I wish I could garden tify up the boarders clear all the old leaves from around the snow drops. Pass up and down between the herbivores oh I wish my silly body would let me dig and prune yes garden. It would not be so bad if I had a wonderful bloke who did a bit of everything (wink wink) But here I am wishing my afternoon away - the sun shines the dogs want to play hay hay I find the pull of the garden irresistable. My back legs etc have a different idea. But my dog is nudging my elbow so I will just potter just potter promise xgins

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  • I am sure of a little of what we fancy does us good if we pace and do a little ...doing things we like can only make us feel good and better for it mentally if we do pay for it a little afterwards we still have that glow of satisfaction of a job enjoyed

    Enjoy your little potter Gins just look after your legs in the garden :)

  • Gins, I'm with you on this too, I love my garden and when I eventually get a bit of energy (goodness knows when that will be) there is nothing I live more than pottering in my garden. In some ways I'm lucky because its not very large, but I try and get someone to help first thing in spring to get rid of the weeds that have over-wintered, then I try and keep on top of it. I have a marvellous implement called a swoe which is a bit like a hoe but is angled which makes it much easier to handle when I try to keep young weeds down. Over the 7 years I've lived here I have transformed the garden, and now people often come down our tiny lane to see my bit, I have established a lot of perennials to cut down on work, but I grow from seed lots of cosmos and they do really well, so there is a mass of colour. I have also grown a screen of honeysuckle and clematis over a straining wire from a telegraph pole and have trained both honeysuckle and trachelospermum jasminoides around the telegraph pole to obscure it, which is has done wonderfully. When it come to mowing my tiny patch of lawn (or should I say patch of moss pretending to be a lawn) often I haven't got the energy or am in too much pain, so a very kind neighbour brings his big Honda mower in and it's done literally in under 5 mins., so that says how small it is. It is the first time I've really done any form of gardening as I was out well and truly off it as my father was a top person in the RHS and we were made to weed and all sorts as children, sometimes as punishment, so that's what I saw it as for a long time !! Now though I suppose I must attribute my so called green fingers to my father as everyone is very complementary about both the garden and the containers which I love doing. So there it is, another long and rambling post from your local idiot.......Foggy x

  • Foggy how wonderful seems you have learnt to love the earthy things in life like me. i loe the smell of turned earth cut lawn raked moss new gardens new flowers. Marvelous! xgins

  • I'd love to run barefoot down a sand dune, across soft sand and dance through the waves.


  • Oooh - Sandra, Can I come, pleeease? :-/

  • definitely kaz, just enjoy. :D

  • Wheeeee! Last one in the water's a wimp! Na-na-na-na-na. :-D

  • My Mum always said tuck your skirt up, and don't get your knickers wet. I'm taking no chances - I've took 'em off!

  • Sensible as ever - lol. :-p

  • I would love to be fit enough to take my little girl ice skating xx

  • Now on to things non horticultural........I really would love to go body boarding again, and even better kite surfing or even waterskiing. I am a piscina fishy person and at my happiest in water, Years ago, pre fibro I used to swim to competition level but soy I haven't managed to get back to swimming since my shoulder replacement, The swimming was what had caused the arthritis apparently. It was a hard wrench one week to be swimming a mile a day and then .....nothing. Hey ho........off to think of some more things I'd like to do. Muchly Foggy x

  • Oh this thread makes me sad. I went to work today thinking I was doing well but now have pain in my shoulder (a new place) because of carrying a computer bag across my body because of using crutches! Not so good.

  • dont be sad - spring is coming we may even see some sun shine if we are lucky do try and keep smiling :) xgins

  • Hiiii gins :-)

    potter potter but dont do anything strenuous that you cannot do please !

    your garden will soon bloom for the sunny days and your helper man will sooon have it looking as you love it to be and just think you can give orders now and your wish will be granted .

    it is still YOUR garden and you still can sit in it and just look at all the flowers.

    talking about gardens it has been such a lovely lovely day to day i had to be out and about and feeling a bit brighter i was and my 12 yr old mowed the grass and strimmed it too bit damp but was ok i have a mini weeping willow in the centre and its like watching hair grow it goes to the grownd and then my hubby trims as if he is a hair tree dresser hahahaa and we put little pansies around the bottom of it.

    i am no good with flowers as they seem to die on me :-(

    we have this indian sun plant that is kinda orange in a way its a thing it starts small then grows and flowers tall.

    i used to love getting the scissors out and cutting round the edge of my grass in front garden but now it gets strimmed and i dont realy do anything in it now apart sit and watch.

    so dont feel so blue as soon the sun be shining and am sure it will alll be transformed for the summer.

    if i was near i would send mylovley daughter who loves to help out with the neighbours .

    big snoft snuggly huggles to you cazzie - caroline xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • caroline it sounds so pretty with your little weeping tree - I love them glorious- your daughter is always most wellcome xgins

  • gins, will you please come and tify up my garden? it sounds much better than tidying it :D

    sorry! couldn't resist,

    enjoyed the thread, thanks,


  • Sandra my love a little tify is always in order and sandra my dear I would be willing for a shilling hehe :) xgins

  • :D

  • indeed xgins :)

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