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And to top it all off WE HAVE PERIODS!

I know this sounds very personal but if I was a writer I couldn't /wouldnt be so mean to a character!!

Ok ok I know it sounds minor to the outsider looking in BUT may I say? IM SERIOUSLY CHEESED OFF!!

This week as some may know from my previous blog/question that I've had to come off Naproxen because of stomach problems, I could 'moan' back further but I won't.

Anyway, im slowly stiffening up and yesterday my son hurt his hand at school. (his own fault may I add so no awww needed lol) where was I when the school phoned at 12.30? Asleep! Agghh can't keep awake lately, id like to say its everytime im horizontal but the other day found myself asleep sat upright hugging an empty cup and two hours had passed! Only woke cos kids came home in a clap of thunder!

Anyway back to it..sorry side tracking mushed up brain syndrome kicking in.

Asleep my housephone kept ringing but no energy or reasonable conciousness to get up to answer it. Thinking that after a gazillionth time of been PPI callers and the like it seemed pointless. Then my mobile rung,it was school (my mobile is usually attached to me somewhere. Its my smarter than me smartphone) it was school. Unshowered and undog walked, I scrambled to get ready. Showered and freezing I donned some warm clothes and dithered my way to my pill draw-which used to be a small secure box but now I have an oversized home pharmacy. My dogs looked at me longingly but alas after a quick pee in the garden they were ushered to their beds. Bus journey and walk to school, girls and walk to hospital, a wait, a walk to stay and back can't diagnose properly as its too swollen, bandaged up, appointment next week! Great. My body is now screaming. More meds due. A granny dash round primark and a long walk and wait for bus home. A 40 min journey to boot.

All this and im looking forward to a lovely rare full day with my boyfriend today. We rarely get full days together. Can't get anyone to watch youngest, others are out for full weekend and me + boyfriend=winky winky ;-) I woke up this morning to a howling cat at 6.30 no sleep in then? And I have started my period :'( whhaaaaaahhhh! Couldn't it have waited? Just a bit of fun was all I wanted! Obviously too much to ask. So! Got to break the news to my boyfriend now. I think I will text him....yes I am a coward lol. A nice meal, gentle walk, if it doesn't rain, and some cuddles ;-) looks like cuddles is all its going to be!

Bad luck? Without it I would have no luck at all!

A peed off flips off to make a coffee :-( bye for now guys sorry if I've made you all reach for the noose. I know it sounds petty and minor but to me (for this week anyway) it was icing on the poisoness cake I didn't need :'(


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Sorry for the confusion in the middle of this rant, my 'not so smartphone ' likes to change my words! I'm sure you will make out the gist of the story :-)

Oh and bin men just been and I forgot to put my bin out! Sigh....


Morning Hun it does all seem to be crowding in on you. I do the falling asleep bit - I am sitting reading something worthwhile not Shades of Grey and the next thing I am fast asleep snapping up right as my head hits the table top. I hate it this feeling of total exhaustion - weary through and through lifeless energyless a remote possibility I am being used for a model for a modern thinker statue.

As to your monthly prob it goes away with age and I now have enough age that I am no longer bothered. The transition was hellish but now that part of my life is away behind me a dim and distant memory. This obviously wont help with your weekend with your boyfriend and I am tremendously jealous of the thought of cuddles afraid OH has forgotten all about cuddles . The Joy of getting older enjoy being young hun have a good weekend xgins


im sorry but amongst yre yre bedlam in the blog you made me smile.what a week hey you have had.our cat kept us awake with cat wind and he comes up to your face and lies there with bum in face and casually just lets it off and falls alseep.

bless ya heart my advice with fella dont plan it just go with flow that way you wont be disappointed when we get our p.m.t ....

i always say to fella i adore his cuddles and we fall alseep cuddling each other holding hands and if were in the mood we grab it....

good luck and i hope cuddles is okay with him...

i would say summit about that but use yre imagination is all im gonna say and forgive me if im rude.

im get me.......i might get banned now for saying that..its what im thinking anyway...xx


haha Sammy :-D and yes we had lots of 'cuddles' it was lovely, managed to get rid of ALL the kids too! Sadly not for the night but a few hours has been lovely. I wish gins that we had a switch to turn the monthly's off after we've had our kids. I had my first at 17 and my 4th and last at 31! I'm 143 now..well 43 and now they just become an annoyance!

Oh Dear Sammy, haven't you got a cork for your windy cat? lmao

Thanks guys for not phoning the men in white coats on me. I think a nice glass of wine is in order now :-D

Enjoy the weekend xxx


Hiya hun, get the merina coil fitted. Altho I'm sterilized, I had reallybad periods n tonnes of pain so had one put in. No more periods n a lot less pain. Less rants too!! It stays in for 5 yrs n helped me. Try it :)


Good idea but I can't even wear tampons because of a tilted womb :-(


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