A sheep a scythe or a maze?

During the summer my OH made our small gardens front and back very easily maintainable as I love to potter in the garden,. End of September he cut our 3 small lawns front and back confident they would be set for winter. The weather here has been crazy almost constant rain with plenty of sun my lawns are now 6 inches and growing wildly.... Our next door neighbour is insane ... Not surprising with us for neighbours, he still mows his lawn weekly soaking wet grass, he even does it in the rain with an electric lawnmower, now his lawn is short but by mowing wet grass he has pulled out so many clumps it looks like a dog with mange... So do I go out and buy a sheep, wait until spring / summer when its soo high i shall need to buy a scythe, or should I let it grow and get OH to cut a maze into them and charge a small entrance fee next summer.....

VG x

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  • I like the thought of getting a goat myself ;-). I have spring flowers blooming in my garden just now...the seasons have got all mixed up. Jane x

  • I always wanted a donkey - eats the grass and you can ride it to the shop!


  • Rofl you two..... :) so I either get a goat and risk being butted into the pond or I get a donkey and get reported to RSPCA when I haul myself onto the poor thing to get to the shops.....

    ha I shall get both and watch from safety as the goat butts my son into the pond and will get my OH to make a donkey ride sign.....

    VG x

  • Your posts should come on prescription VG. No matter how bad I feel, you always make me (and I suspect a whole load of other folks) laugh!! Jane x

  • Thank you I love to laugh and it's a huge compliment to have people like my posts it's a good job my OH is as daft as me....

    VG x

  • I realy feel a Maze of Love would be ideal you would have togrow it till the height was 6ft so paople could not see their way through -----------you could charge entrance and a recovery fee when they havent come out at the other end. Good money maker get growing Id come around and sit and take the entrance money for you hehhhe laughs manicly or madly wipes brow gardening is my passion xgins

  • You got a deal you can sit at the front in charge and I,ll get OH to end the maze at the pond where I will charge tumble drying fees for those who fall in and those that avoid the trap will be sold garden gnomes based upon a certain character by my son...

    VG x

  • Thinks it would be fun to be VG's neighbour but without the lawn mange! ;)

  • I loved this post. I myself do not have grass, we have stone down. And even with the stone and all the drainage we still end up with a flooded garden. You go for the maze and I will install a log flume for fun xxxx

  • Ok gins takes the entrance fee ozzygirl girl takes photos as they get soaked on log flume . I,ll charge for the drying, and my son will sell Gins look alike garden gnomes.... WE should makes a fortune unless the gnomes scare everyone off

    VG xx

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