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i went for my pre-op assesment last week as i am due to have a cataract removed under general on 6th march whilst i was there i met the anaethatist as well as i have early stage COPD. he decided i should have a lung function test prior to op. this was done and then the

nurse said we want you to use this nebuliser for 5/10 mins with some medicine added then sit outside and we will call you back in half an hour. went back in and they asked how i felt with that and i said it was much better my results were much better with that. she said to get in touch with GP in a few days as they will be changing my medicine and needs doing before op. I saw the nurse at my surgery on friday and she prescribed the new med which i take once a day and it lasts 24 hours it is like a powder in a capsule. you inhale it the powder from a little machine however it is no longer early stage it is moderate this is ranked 0 - 4 and i am now on 2. this worrys me. then when i read on line it says it is emphicyma which is same as COPD and this worrys me sick. i lost my mum just under 4 years ago to lung cancer. i just want to feel better than i do right now hips and legs playing up pain everywhere and i just want to be NORMAL whatever that is.

well thats all i wanted to say

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  • Please don't be offended but please don't look online and worry, COPD as i am sure you know is the collective name for people who have more than one thing wrong with their lungs . Yes emphycima is one of the things that does come under that umbrella but it is by no means the only one and you don't want to worry yourself anymore than you are already. My OH has COPD his conditions are asthma and bronchiectasis , leaving the medical staff he has seen baffled as he has never smoked in his life. For the past two years it has gotten slightly worse, then he was put on a permenant low dose antibiotic and his body has somehow adapted itself to manage on less lung function... We are a weird couple.. But what I am trying to say is that by his medication being changed and upped he is benefiting from it very well, he's working part time and his every 6 week chest infections have stopped due to this medication change. So please try not to worry about having meds changed because your condition has changed , this capsule may well suit you very well

    Fingers crossed for you

    VG x

  • thank you

    Belinda x

  • I can't comment on the copd but I had the cataract ops and was awake you don't see or feel anything.



  • thanks sansra my dad had his done last year awake but i am scared to death of hospitals, needles etc. hope you found the op worth it


  • My eyesight for distance is almost perfect.

    I went from £300+ to pound shop glasses!

  • thats fantastic sandra

  • Refusebto comment bad both eyes done I frightenednthe life outbof the specialist both times very funny

  • i just hope my copd is ok at the time to be done or they will not do op as i am having general anaestetic. pwwwww frightened is an understatement ha ha


  • There's always hope my OH had his gallbladder out under general anesthetic in October and he sailed through instead of it being day surgery they kept him in overnight to keep an eye on him..because of his COPD Sorry about the pun....

    Fingers crossed

    VG x

  • yeah they have said i may have to stay overnight but i cannot do this i have pets !!! and i will need a cig

    Belinda x

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