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Don't know what to do

Hi all need some advice my 15 year old daughter is now attending a hospital school she has not been in full time education for 1half years now she's full time loves it there head has got her on 4 week trail everything was going great until last Tuesday since then couldn't attend going through a bad flare up hasn't slept for a week properly can't move pain in spine legs jaw teeth scared there take her place away from her and when she's there she loves it no one else there suffers with this condition mostly eating disorders and anxiety which my daughter has on top of all other conditions

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I'm so sorry your daughter is going through this. I know as a mom it must be hard for you to see her going through that as well.

My first thoughts were go to the chiropractor- a good one.

Before I started seeing my chiropractor it would hurt to pull my leg forward to walk, i could hardly even stand. Since finding him I haven't gotten back to that state again. If I feel it starting back up. I just start massaging and make sure I have an appointment with him as soon as possible & I also schedule a massage, my chiropractor has them as part of his clinic.

I'm not sure if this is her issue but it might help. And if muscles are the culprit she might benefit from magnesium, I use magnesium chloride oil- I rub it on my muscles at least once a day. & regular stretching and gentle injury prevention exercises.

I do hope she finds something to help her soon.


Hi, surely if it is a hospital school they must make allowances for the children being unwell for some of the time.

Also, maybe full time is too much of a big jump for her, could you speak to the head of the school about her starting part time (maybe mornings or afternoons only) and she can gradually build up to extra hours?

The nature of this condition, means it is important to pace yourself, so maybe a few hours each day is the best way to go for her. It sounds like she overdid things by going full time so quickly which has caused her flare up.

Please discuss part time with your daughter's doctor and teachers... she has made a great step forward, but tiny steps work best!!


Thank you for your reply they would only allow the first 2 weeks part time then full time but on Fridays they have to stay to 5pm one hour of home work one hour of sport because she was haveing a good day she done hour of sport wally


Hello Hollie....What a shame that what turned out to be a big step for your daughter hasn't been quite so successful and she is in so much pain.....pain felt by yourself as a caring mother....terribly disappointing but all is not lost I am sure the hospital school plus others will be able to do something to sort this problem. Where they not aware of her condition? This flare will pass and hopefully she can return part time and maybe do some homework as well to help....Please let us know how you get on....By the way I have never heard of a hospital school...Do you live in the UK.....wishing your daughter sleep and sending hugs to both..xx


Yes we live in London it's for in patients but they take a few out patients I told the head what she had but the other day he asked me again I feel he doesn't take it seriously

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Maybe you should print off from our Mother site the info on Fibro and let them have a copy. Give him our web address....take your tablet/laptop and show him!! Make him listen!!! Sending hugs xx


Hi my friend

I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I would liaise with the school very closely so they are completely aware of what is happening for your daughter. I would possibly invite one of their staff members around to visit your daughter. As it is a hospital school I can imagine that they have some kind of key worker or health visitor system in progress? It would show to them that you are serious about keeping your daughter in the school.

All my hopes and dreams for all of you



Hi holly121 I'm so sorry for your unfortunate situation, I do believe taking the info or showing the info re: Fibro would get a lot more understanding from the head of the school.

Maybe you could have someone come round to see how your daughter is really affected, and to realise your difficulties in dealing with her on a day to day basis.

I really wish you all the best in dealing with the head, and hope an agreeable resolution is reached soon for you both😊


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