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Hi everyone i haven't been on for a while, had no Internet for nearly 2xweeks finally got a new router sent this week! is virtually imposible to stay in touch on my stupid Blackberry! Fibro still the bane of my existence most days but hey what's new about that! Feel very lethargic this week with awful hot sweats i suppose the good British weather doesn't help either!It takes all my energy just to get up and go to work and keep up with housework,wish i could be less particular about it but i guess that's my OCD! Exhausted by the end of the day and often too tired to come on line, i do think about the lovely people on here so i need to get my ass into gear and be on here more often and not just when i'm in a crisis! Anyway I'm rambling now, Hope everyone is as well as can be, Love and Hugs to you all Della xxxxxxx

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Hello Della, good to know you are still around the internet can be so annoying!!

I know what you mean about blackberry's they are not brill for connecting to Facebook!!!!

I think this weather is not helping us fellow fibrites, I have been in an awful lot of pain, I try to block it out and not givein to it, but I have M.E as well and the tiredness just floors me, often I go to bed in an afternoon and can sleep up to 3 hours.

I admire you for being able to work.


Sue x x x x


Some days I'm ready to throw the Blackberry out of the window!lol! The tiredness is just awful i'm also asthmatic and can be very tiring gasping for breath at 4am! On my days off i try to rest as much as i can and like you can nod off for a good few hours at a time, good to hear from you, Hugs Della xxxx


Take care Della x x x


Thought my internet was broken Wed nearly cried, spent a hour talking to virgin and up and down the stairs had to tell him to slow down, when my son came home I said to internet not working he sorted it in a jiff.

Pain and fatigue getting me this week and wed mental health was in the gutter I was like a monster.

Soft hugs xxx



Awwww bless you sounds like you've had a really icky week, wish there was a magic pill that took Fibro and it's nasties away! I'm not at all technically minded yet it amazes me how our children are! Hope you start to feel better soon Gentle Hugs sent to you xxx Della xxx


Bloomin internet! It can be really exhausting when something goes wrong, can't it - like a lifeline being cut. I always find that something emotionally draining like that affects me more than physical work at times. Even though I have plenty to do otherwise, I get really worked up if our server has closed down for a while, and have to sort it there and then getting all het up, instead of walking away for a bit. I'm my own worse enemy!

Kids are the best tool for computers though!


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